10 Dos and Don’ts for Disney Waterparks

Typhoon Lagoon

Visiting Walt Disney World’s waterparks? Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are well-known as some of the best themed waterparks, and while they do have lots to offer in terms of theming and attractions, knowing some Do’s and Don’ts in advance is always a great place to start planning a visit:

1) Do get there early

Disney’s waterparks do not offer any kind of incentive to arrive late, like discounted ticket prices for instance. Rather arriving late may just result in you having a difficult time setting up camp at some lounge chairs, which is something that could be easily remedied by you arriving early. I always suggest getting to the waterparks early, so that if you end up leaving the water parks slightly earlier you will still have plenty of time to head back to your resort and relax for a little bit before visiting one of the theme parks later that evening.

2) Don’t get the Waterparks Fun and More ticket option unless you’ll go more than once

If you are visiting one waterpark, one time during your trip, you would save more money by simply paying for a separate waterpark ticket. The Water Parks Fun and More option can be a good deal if you either visit the waterparks more than once, or use enough of the additional features, however for one day at Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon you’re best off paying separately.

3) Do get a locker

Getting a locker while at the waterparks is even more important than having one at the theme parks because there is only so much you can realistically carry with you while wearing a bathing suit, and chances are not all of your belongings were made to get wet. In addition, since you can’t exactly take your entire purse or beach bag with you on the slides or in the wave pool, it’s best to lock up your valuables somewhere safe rather than worrying about whatever is left by your lounge chair all day.

4) Don’t worry about your Magic Band!

You may not realize it, but your Magic Band can actually get wet, and is durable enough to withstand a day at a Disney waterpark. Of course, if you’d prefer to leave it in the locker once you are in the park that is totally fine, however it might also be convenient to have since you can purchase souvenirs and food with it by charging to your resort bill. Doing this means that you will not have to run back and forth to the locker each time you need to pay for something.

5) Do follow cast member instructions

Many of the cast members are waterparks, particularly lifeguards and slide operators need to enforce rules for one simple reason– they are looking out for your safety. If you are told that the smaller rider needs to sit in the front, or that you need to wait until you get the “ok” to start going down a slide, take these instructions seriously as they are all procedures that are in place to better ensure your safety. Even in a lazy river, wave pool, or other seemingly “less dangerous” attractions, be sure to follow all instructions given by Disney cast members.

6) Don’t bring alcohol into the parks

Alcohol is prohibited from Disney waterparks, as are glass bottles. While guests are not able to bring these items into any Disney theme park, it is even more important to follow this rule at the waterparks since most guests will be experiencing the park barefoot, and stepping on glass barefoot is not the way you’d want to spend your vacation.

7) Do watch your kids

While waterparks are literally covered in lifeguard stands, and there are cast members are every turn looking out for your safety, watching your children is still important because you know your children best. If you child wades out deeper than you know he or she is able to swim in the wave pool, the safest solution is to prevent this from happening in the first place– lifeguards will obviously come to a guest’s rescue if they need to, but since they do not know your children personally, and they are watching many guests in a large area, they might not be able to prevent these kinds of situations from happening.

8) Don’t pressure anyone to do certain attractions

Some guests are not interested in doing certain attractions, and that’s okay! If you want to ride Summit Plummet, but the person you’re visiting the park with has no desire to, that is totally fine. He or she can just as easily wait for you at the bottom. Certain slides are not for everyone and that’s fine.

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9) Do bring extra sunscreen

Applying sunscreen at your resort before you head out to the waterparks is not going to be enough to get you through the entire day, especially with getting in and out of the water multiple times. To protect your skin against the strong Florida sun, packing extra sunscreen with you is very important– and it’s better to bring some with you from home, than to buy it for the inflated tourist prices at the parks!

10) Don’t forget to relax

The waterparks are not just about thrill rides! Relaxing on a lounge chair for at least some of the day is also a great way to spend some of the time that you’re on vacation, as is floating on a tube in a lazy river. You may have the urge to go all day, but relaxing a little bit is also a good idea, and your body will thank you when you’re going nonstop in the theme parks the next day!

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