10 Fantastic Tips For First Time Trips to Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom Entrance
There is probably no greater sense of excitement or euphoria than going to Walt Disney World for the very first time. If it truly is your first time, you probably already have several images in mind as to what the place where dreams come true actually is like, right? You’ve seen the castle in pictures and on postcards, you’ve seen the commercials and ads for the rides, and you have an undying appreciation for Mickey and Minnie. Well, whatever preconceived ideas you have, toss them right out the window, because they do not hold a candle to the reality of Walt Disney World. You’re in for the most wonderful, thrilling, happiest trip imaginable, but it’s not as easy as walking through the gates. A fun day at Disney can easily be squashed by misguided planning. Never fear, Mouseketeers, we’re here today to talk about how to handle a first Disney trip the right way. The tips on this list will easily prevent burn out, exhaustion, confusion, and almost any other discomfort that can bring the rain on your 3 o’clock parade. So put on your Mickey ears as we look at how to handle a first trip to Disney World.

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