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10 Guest Behaviors That Can Get You in Trouble at Walt Disney World

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Bringing in alcohol or illegal substances

Let’s not validate this behavior with a long explanation. Buy alcohol in the parks. Leave yours at home. And if you feel the need to bring in illegal substances, you probably shouldn’t even consider visiting the parks that day.

Using someone else’s ticket or MagicBand

If you attempt to use someone else’s ticket, the Cast Member at the gate will be alerted—so don’t try this one at all. Guests try to access unused days on someone else’s ticket or MagicBand from time to time, but they are caught. That’s because the admittance system at Disney World is set up to use both a Guest’s ticket or MagicBand and his or her fingerprint simultaneously in order for the Guests to be granted admission. When the fingerprint doesn’t match the ticket, the system is alerted. (This can happen sometimes when a Guests uses a different finger even with their own ticket.) But if you are caught trying to use another Guest’s entitlements, you won’t be allowed admission. It’s not worth the risk.  

Swimming in the Seven Seas Lagoon

Yes, you read that correctly. It sounds beyond the believable that people would even attempt such a “feat,” but it has happened—more than once—with the same outcome each time—removal from the parks. There are two water parks on Disney property, as well as countless themed swimming pools at each Disney resort. Go swimming where you’re supposed to go swimming. It just makes sense.

Goofy Smoking
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Smoking outside designated smoking areas

There are a number of designated smoking areas throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, and this is for the comfort and convenience of Guests who are smokers. But outside of those specifically designated areas, smoking is not allowed in the parks at Disney. This ensures the safety and comfort of all Guests who visit. Smoking areas are well marked in the parks, but if you need assistance finding one, ask a Cast Member or open the My Disney Experience app to find the smoking area nearest to you. If you light up outside these areas, you’ll be asked to put out your cigarette. Refuse, and you might find yourself put out—of the parks for the rest of the day.

By Becky B.

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