10 Hidden Gems At Walt Disney World You Shouldn’t Miss!

There are hidden gems located at all of the Walt Disney World parks. As at most theme parks, there are some attractions that are always more popular than others. However, below you will read about 10 hidden gems that can be found at the Walt Disney World Parks that you are going to love!

10. Living with the Land: Living with the Land is located at Epcot, inside Future World. This attraction is a slow moving boat ride jam packed with information and technology. Did you know Epcot is full of living laboratories growing food? This ride gives you a behind the scenes look at the science and advances in agriculture growing crops. You can also see some live animals like the fish Tilapia and alligators. Make sure you look for hidden Mickeys! Also, if you get hungry checking out all the sustainable crops you can try some of the food served right outside the attraction at the Sunshine Seasons or The Garden Grill Restaurant.

9. It’s Tough to be a Bug: This 4-D movie is located inside the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is the masterpiece located in the center of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is the best way to get up close and personal with this beautiful tree. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a bug? Well this attraction is for you. As you enter the tree of life you will be given bug eye 3-D glasses. Not only does this experience let you see what it’s like to be a bug but you also learn about how bugs help our planet. Due to the 3-D glasses and the 4-D surprises of this attraction it might not be suitable for younger children.

8. Mickey’s PhilharMagic: Mickey’s PhilharMagic is located in Fantasyland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This attraction is a concert for the Disney fan in all of us. The theater is contains a 150 food wide wraparound screen and requires guests to wear 3-D glasses. The concert starts with Donald Duck getting the orchestra ready for Mickey Mouse and takes him on an adventure through some of Disney’s most memorable songs from their animated films. Fly through the streets of Agrabah on a magic carpet, dive under the sea and sing with Ariel and much more. Mickey’s PhilharMagic is a wonderful attraction that is appropriate for Disney fans of any age and is a must do inside the Magic Kingdom.

7. Disney’s Key to the Kingdom Tour: Disney’s Key to the Kingdom tour is a hidden gem for the true Disney fan. This 5-hour tour walks you around the Magic Kingdom. This tour lets you explore secret locations and is very informative. One of the highlights of this tour is access to the famous underground “Utilidor” tunnels that are located underneath the Magic Kingdom. These tunnels are used for cast members and supplies to move around the park without being seen. There is an additional cost for this tour of $79, but we would say this is a definite hidden gem and allows you to see even more hidden gems the regular park goer will never see!

6. Club Cool: Club Cool is located inside Disney’s Epcot near Innovations West. This soda shop is sponsored by Coca Cola and offers free samples of soft drinks from around the world. This is a definite hidden gem, as it can be mistaken for a quick service restaurant. There is no food sold, but some Coco Cola and Disney merchandise can be purchased. The sodas from around the world are provided for free unlimited samples. The sodas come from countries such as Thailand, Greece, South Africa and more! Make sure to make a beverage stop next time you are at Epcot and try some very interesting sodas.

5. Sci-Fi Drive In Theater Restaurant: The Sci-Fi Drive In Theater restaurant is located inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This restaurant is a hidden gem tucked away near Star Tours. This restaurant is themed to be a 1950’s drive in. You have lunch or dinner inside a classic car shaped booth. As you enter your car you will be immersed into a 1950’s drive in theater complete with car hop attendants and a large screen playing an entertaining reel of vintage sci-fi clips. The food at this restaurant is American cuisine and is delicious. We would recommend making a reservation if you plan to eat at this hidden gem. You can read more about making dining reservations here.

4. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros: The Gran Fiesta is found inside Mexico at Disney’s Epcot. This hidden gem is located all the way back inside Mexico, past the store and restaurant. This is a slow moving boat ride where Josè Carioca and Panchito are trying to find their missing caballero, Donald Duck. This ride takes you through Mexico, showing you culture and the sights of Mexico. This ride is based on the 1944 classic film The Three Caballeros. This is a great ride for Disney guests of all ages.

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3. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room: Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki room is located in Adventure land inside the Magic Kingdom. This attraction originally debuted at Disneyland in 1963. This attraction takes place in a Tiki themed room filled with animatronic plants, birds, Tiki men and others. The Enchanted Tiki room is a hidden gem and classic to Disney fans of all ages. The room literally comes to life with movement and song. There’s even a sing along portion for the whole family to enjoy. This classic hidden gem is not to be missed! Located right outside the Enchanted Tiki Room is the Dole whip quick service. Dole whip is a delicious pineapple soft serve treat. We would definitely recommend this treat after or even before your enchanted Tiki experience.

2. Festival of the Lion King: The Festival of the Lion King is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This 30-minute show is a spectacle of singing, larger than life characters, dancers and even acrobatics. This air-conditioned stadium seating theater allows you and your whole family to be immersed in acts from the Lion King film. The costuming for this festival is breathtaking. The acrobatics are impressive as well. We would recommend this hidden gem, located near Africa in Animal Kingdom to the Disney fanatic of any age!

1. Magic Kingdom Welcome Show: The Magic Kingdom Welcome Show happens everyday when Magic Kingdom opens. This 10-minute celebration is a wonderful to get excited for your day inside the park. This show starts outside the gates and features the Magic Kingdom train and some of our favorite characters including, Mickey Mouse, Mary Poppins, Pluto and many more. Fireworks also go off as the park opens. Being part of the opening of the Magic Kingdom is a hidden gem that is definitely worth getting up early for!

This is just 10 of the many hidden gems located around Walt Disney World. Leave any hidden gems you’ve found in the comments section below!

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