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10 of the Best Places in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to Take a Break

Dole Whip

6.  Adventureland

There is a shaded area near the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse with seats carved out of stone, where you can take a break and do some up close and personal people watching.  Also, there is an outdoor counter service cafe, where you can purchase one of the most popular frozen treats in the Magic Kingdom, the famous “Dole Whip”.  This frozen delight is a soft serve blend of pineapple, vanilla, or swirled flavors, served in a cup, or try a pineapple float (vanilla soft serve and pineapple juice), a souvenir mug of fresh pineapple juice, or for a really special treat, how about a fresh-cut pineapple spear.  Grab your choice of pineapple pleasure, have a seat, and let the fun begin.

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