10 Reasons Disney is the Perfect Vacation Destination!

Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella's Castle

With an average attendance of almost 16 million visitors a year Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL is one of the most popular vacation destinations on the planet. There are so many reasons why multiple people choose to make this their vacation spot year after year. Here are my top 10…

10. The attractions

Walt Disney World has an abundance of wonderful offerings for different types of people that sometimes we forget it is a theme park with attractions. The attractions are an amazing accent to this magical place. Disney can appease a wide variety of people from the thrill seeker all the way to the more cautious riders as well as people that want a little education. It’s like having your cake and eating it too along with some ice cream with hot fudge on top and sprinkles! People will go to other theme parks around the nation for the rides, but people go to WDW for the experience and the rides/attractions are a plus.

9. The relaxing spa’s

There is nothing more relaxing than being on vacation and having yourself a spa day. Walt Disney World gives you many choices as to which kind of spa day you desire. From an over 6 hour “Nirvana..bliss for a day” package at Mandara in the Dolphin Resort to a simple Swedish massage at Zahanati in Animal Kingdom lodge, there is a package for anyone who just wants to be pampered for an hour or a full day. There are even some amazing salon options if you want to get you a new do while on vacation!

8. Food!

Walt Disney World offers tantalizing options of things to eat and uniquely themed places to do the eating; this alone makes it a perfect vacation destination. Where else can you sit in a classic style car and watch a cheesy horror movie while you dine, eat while wild animals are grazing just beyond the window from you, watch Mickey scuba dive while you enjoy your dinner or eat inside a fairytale castle?? Whether it’s a counter service, table service, food cart, bar lounge or a resort food court WDW has just about every kind of food one could be craving while on vacation. My wife and I both agree that we have not had a single bad meal at WDW and we are some picky eaters. That says a lot!

7. It’s always changing and evolving

Walt Disney has been quoted several times in reference to Disneyland always changing and evolving. The same goes for Walt Disney World. The Walt Disney company has done a stupendous job at continuing to develop and change WDW to evolve into what it has become today. There are also many new changes that are happening right now and surprises around the corner. With each trip you take to WDW you’ll find something new and exciting, but remember to take lots of pictures because you never know what might be gone on your next vacation.

6. Championship golf

Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply like slicing some balls around a course Walt Disney World is a perfect place for you. With 3 championship level 18 hole courses and a beginner/intermediate 9 hole course, WDW will satisfy all levels of golf enthusiasts. Look for the hidden Mickey sand trap just don’t get to close…it is a sand trap after all. There’s even a wonderful putt putt course at the Swan Resort themed to Disney’s fantasia. You can reserve a tee time and get prices for the golf courses directly on Disney’s web site.

5. Travel the world in one place

Epcot’s World Showcase is the closest thing to being able to travel around the world in single day. The 11 different countries represented are truly a little sample of the real thing and the attention to detail is superb. You can also purchase items that are unique to that country unlike other gift shops around WDW. It really adds to the authenticity having cast members that work in each country being from that particular country and they love answering questions about their homeland. Ask away!!

4. The different shows and parades

Walt Disney World cast members that perform in the many different shows and parades around the resort are some of the most talented performers from all over the world. For this reason WDW is truly a perfect destination for anyone who enjoys a great stage show or parade. The best part is that all the shows and parades are included in the price of admission. Be sure and plan ahead because most of the shows fill up quickly and the parade routes get very crowded. There are many different sources that provide the schedules and maps of every show and parade including the My Disney Experience app for most smart phones.

3. Amazing shopping

I personally don’t enjoy shopping while on vacation unless it’s at Walt Disney World. I’m biased to Disney merchandise. Hahaha! WDW has some of the most unique souvenirs that you can only find there. It’s not just Disney merchandise that’s available either. World Showcase has authentic merchandise unique to each country represented. Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) also has many different places to swipe the ole credit or debit card. Some are run by Disney and some are run by outside companies that have partnered with Disney to have a perfect location for there shops.

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2. Water parks and pools

With almost 60 pools and 2 major water parks, Walt Disney World is a perfect vacation destination for anyone who enjoys anything to do with water. Florida typically has warmer weather throughout the year thus meaning all the pools and water parks are usually open year round as well. For anyone living in a colder winter weather area, that wants a break from the chill and do the unheard of in their hometowns (unless you’re a polar bear) which is swim outside from November to around April; this will be an excellent vacation destination for you.

1. Walt Disney World puts the “theme” in theme park

Walt Disney World is not your average run of the mill theme park. They literally take the word “theme” and apply it to every aspect of the entire resort. As soon as you pull off the freeway you realize you’re not in the real world anymore. You are in Disney’s world. When Walt built Disneyland he knew that he wanted more than just a place for people to go to ride rides. He wanted to build a place where families could go and enjoy the attractions together and if only for a day escape their everyday lives and become immersed into a place of fantasy, wonder, and excitement. WDW carries on this sacred tradition by continuing to keep the park fully themed no matter what it is. Even something as simple as a food cart is perfectly themed to whatever area it happens to be in. WDW keeps the immersive aspect an important part of everything they do and it truly shows!

Walt Disney World offers so many different types of experiences that it’s hard not to see why it is the perfect vacation destination! Enjoy!

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