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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Disney World's Water Parks!


Disney World is an amazing place with hundreds of incredible things to see and do. There are obviously the four main parks to experience, and many people even find time to explore a few of the super cool resorts. However, what a lot of people miss out on are Disney’s wonderful water parks.  These parks are so far above and beyond the typical water park that it seems a shame to skip over them. Here are just ten of the things that make these parks the ideal addition to any Disney World vacation.

1. Most Popular Water Parks in the World

Disney’s water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon, are the most popular water parks in the world. While this likely doesn't come as a surprise—Disney World is the most popular theme park resort in the world, after all—it does further confirm the fact that these parks are 100% awesome. Why not join the over 2 billion others who visit each of these parks every year, and experience them for yourself?

2. Great Way to Cool Off

It’s no secret that Florida is hot. This is true even during the winter, and summer is almost unbearable, it’s so hot and humid. For this reason, it makes perfect sense to plan a water park day or two into your trip. These days will allow you and your family to cool off a bit and take a break from the heat before hitting the main parks once again.

3. Incredible Details

Just like every other Disney-owned theme park in the world, both of the Disney water parks boast super fun backstories. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that these stories are told in various ways throughout the parks.

The attention to detail that allows these stories to come to life is simply incredible, and on top of that, every single detail is perfectly maintained so every guest can experience the same magic that filled the place on opening day.


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