10 Secrets People Don't Know About Disney World - #10

Golden Oaks

10. You Can Live There!:

Every true Disney fan fantasizes about actually living at Disney World. Well, there are actually a few people who do! The Disney World property actually contains two privately incorporated cities that were established by Disney in the 1960’s when it began buying up Florida land in order to develop Disney World. Walt Disney wanted to maintain as much control of his Florida kingdom as possible, so the cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista were established, each with their own governments. The four theme parks make up Bay Lake, while Disney Springs and the surrounding hotels make up Lake Buena Vista. Together, the two towns have only 44 residents, who were hand-picked to live there. Residents own their own mobile homes and pay Disney $75 a month for their lot. Each town has its own mayor and there’s a joint town council with 10 residents who attend monthly meetings and vote on issues affecting Disney World, such as hours for alcohol sales for special Disney events, law enforcement contracts for Disney World and pollution-control. Residents enjoy their own private lakefront area for fireworks viewing. Residents are mostly cast members and their families.

If you’d love to live at Disney, but can’t manage to get yourself selected for one of these very exclusive communities, there’s always the Golden Oaks community at Disney World as well, where you can purchase a year-round luxury home for upwards of a million dollars!

Disney World is so much more than just theme parks! As one of the most visited destinations in the world, it also has a rich and interesting history that goes beyond rides and characters. These are a few interesting little tidbits to mull over as you stand in line for your favorite ride on your next trip! Enjoy!

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