10 Symptoms of a Disney Obsession – How to Know if You’re a Disney Fanatic

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Since you’re visiting a website called “Disney Fanatic”, there’s a good chance you’re already a self-diagnosed Disney addict. But in case there’s any question about it, here’s a list of 10 signs of a true Disney addiction.

1. Hidden Mickeys In Every Day Life

Wow! Doesn’t that cloud look like Mickey? Oh, look! That spilled milk on the counter looks like Mickey. And the oil that leaked from the car onto the driveway looks like Mickey! You’ve always got Disney on the brain.

2. Checking Attraction Wait Times….From Your House

The “My Disney Experience” app can be very helpful when you’re visiting the Disney parks. It gives you access at your fingertips to all things Disney. But if you’re using it to check the wait time for Space Mountain from your living room couch, you might be slightly obsessed!

Space Mountain

3. Disney Comes Up In Every Conversation

You’ve helped all of your friends (and their friends) plan their Disney vacations. You insist on hearing a play-by-play of those trips and seeing all of the photos. You give unsolicited advice about the best way to get reservations at Cinderella’s Royal Table to strangers in the elevator. You simply can’t help yourself! Experiencing the joy of a Disney vacation vicariously through others is what tides you over between trips.

4. You “Speak” Disney

Have you ever stayed at AoA? How about OKW? Do you have any ADRs at MK? Did you catch all that? If so, you’re fluent in Disney! (AoA=Art of Animation Resort, OKW=Old Key West Resort, MK=Magic Kingdom, ADRs=Advanced Dining Reservations).

5. Disney Makes You Cry (in a good way)

Do you get choked up during the Welcome Show at the Magic Kingdom before rope drop? How about during fireworks? What about when you see those Disney commercials on television just before your trip? If you’ve ever shed a happy tear at the very thought of or while experiencing the Magic of Disney, there’s no doubt you are hooked!

Castle fireworks

6. Planning Your Next Disney Vacation Before Your Current Trip Is Over

You constantly say things like, “Next time we come we will…” or “When we come back let’s make sure we…”. Mentally planning your next trip helps take the edge off the inevitable sadness you feel as your vacation nears its end. You can’t imagine life without another magical vacation in the works!

7. Comparing Everything to the Looks/Tastes/Smells in Disney

Don’t those flowers in your neighbor’s yard look just like the ones you saw at the Flower and Garden Festival? And I bet the pizza was better at Via Napoli. Whoa! That guy is driving way too fast. What does he think this is, Test Track? If your everyday life is one long string of reminders of your past Disney adventures, you might be suffering from a Disney obsession.

8. Your coffee tastes better when you drink it from a Tinkerbell mug

And your cereal tastes better when eaten from that Donald Duck bowl. In fact, your Mickey Mouse teapot is the secret behind your world-famous sweet iced tea. Life is always more delicious with a little Disney added to it!

Mickey Mug

9. Last Day You Feel “Angry” At Those Arriving

You don’t know any of them, but you’re certain that every single person around you is on day one of a lavish, month-long trip and blissfully enjoying every second. In fact, you’re pretty sure that they’re smiling excessively just to rub your nose in it! How dare they be so happy when you are running so low on magical minutes?

10. Leaving Disney Is The Worst Day Of Your Life – Every. Single. Time.

There’s nothing like seeing that iconic Walt Disney World: Where Dreams Come True sign hanging above the highway as you approach the beginning of your magical Disney vacation. But seeing it in the rearview is quite a different experience.

disney after hours _ disney fanatic

How serious is your Disney obsession? Give yourself one point for each “symptom” you experience and tell us your score below!

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