10 Things to Love About the World Showcase

World Showcase
World Showcase

If you’re one of the people who typically don’t spend much time enjoying and exploring Epcot’s World Showcase, you may want to reconsider how you spend your time on your next trip. The World Showcase is anything but “boring” (although kids might mistakenly label it as such) and definitely worth spending several hours in. Here are 10 things that we think you’ll love about the World Showcase!

10. Less time waiting in lines, more time strolling

How often in your life do you get to actually stroll anywhere? If you’re in Disney World for a week, chances are good that you are spending a lot of time standing in ride queues. The World Showcase is one place where you will experience very little waiting. Rather, you’re likely to be walking fairly slowly, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells around you. This is a nice contrast to the hurry up and wait pace that you might adopt as you tour other areas of the parks.

9. Tons of entertainment occurring throughout the day

IllumiNations is amazing, but only happens once a night. Wishes is also fantastic, and occurs once or twice a night. These are just two examples of amazing daily entertainment at Disney World. If you aren’t in the park during the one or two performances of the day, you miss out. The World Showcase is different in this regard, because the entertainment options are available throughout the day with more regularity. Most of the countries featured have entertainment, ranging from musical acts to stunt performances. Several new acts are coming to the World Showcase this fall, which only adds to the excitement!

8. It’s like a mini-vacation all over the world!

I’m not a big international traveler, so I really like being able to “visit” Italy, Canada, Morocco, and many more just by strolling through Epcot. As is always the case with Disney, the attention to detail in the countries is phenomenal, and you really feel like you are visiting a foreign land when you take the time to explore each country.

7. Great souvenirs

The shops found throughout the World Showcase are a treasure trove of unique souvenirs. If you’re a pin collector, you’ll enjoy finding Mickey pins that feature flags from different countries. If you like consumables, try the specialty teas in the United Kingdom or the maple products in Canada. Japan has an amazing gift shop with a variety of pop-culture items (Hello Kitty, Pokémon, etc.) as well as beautiful apparel and jewelry.

6. Learning can be fun!

Learning can take many forms. Some people love the educational and cultural films in the World Showcase- others would rather not sit through films at all. Luckily, there are many educational opportunities in the World Showcase. You can learn about a country through appreciating its architecture, or take a walk through a gallery (the one in Japan is great) and learn about the nation’s art. Another unique learning experience in the World Showcase comes through speaking with the Cast Members, who are often from the country they are placed in. I would also argue that enjoying traditional food, drink, and entertainment certainly counts as learning, too!

5. Even when it’s busy, it can be relaxing

I’ve visited Disney World during the busiest of times, and still feel that the World Showcase handles crowds fairly well. Sure, the main thoroughfare can get crowded with people, but it is still fairly easy to move between the countries. There’s something about seeing the water on one side of you and the amazing architecture on the other that helps distract from the hustle and bustle, no matter how busy the park is that day.

4. Adult-focused fun

Most adults visiting Disney World enjoy the whimsical atmosphere of the parks, but sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the high cuteness factor of other areas. This is especially nice if you have the opportunity to go for a night out without children.

3. Great balance of activities for children and adults

Although it is very adult friendly, the World Showcase has become increasingly appealing to children as well. I’m sure this is purposeful- Disney wants adults to enjoy something geared more toward them, while also keeping the kids in tow happy. There are plenty of things to amuse your child with in the World Showcase. At each “Kidcot” station, you can color Duffy Bear, receive a passport stamp, and learn to say “Hello” in a foreign language. Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure is also popular among children. You receive a communication device with missions to solve, and the entire family can get involved in searching for hidden items in the countries. There are even special seasonal events, like the spring Easter Egg hunt.

2. Amazing place to have a drink

There aren’t many places in Walt Disney World where wine, beer, and cocktail lovers can find a great selection of drinks. The best place for this is the World Showcase. “Drinking around the world” is a popular adult activity in Epcot for good reason. Each country offers signature drinks, most of which are excellent! If you plan to engage in this activity, consider splitting the drinks with your party! Otherwise, you’re unlikely to make it very far!

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1. More food that you could possibly sample

To say that food is a big part of the World Showcase would be an understatement. There are so many amazing snacks, desserts, and entrees to sample throughout that you’ll never tire of eating here! The table service restaurants in the World Showcase are destinations in themselves. I always plan at least one or two meal reservations in the World Showcase, and do my exploring before and after my meals. By making a reservation, you are guaranteeing that you will devote a few hours to the World Showcase.
These are only 10 things to love about the World Showcase- there are surely many more! Is the World Showcase a “must-do” on your trips, or is it more of an afterthought? What would make your top 10 list?

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