Disney's Boardwalk
Disney's Boardwalk

10 Things You May Be Missing Out On At Disney World

Disney World Resort has so much to offer its’ guests. With 4 theme parks, two waterparks, golf course, Downtown Disney and more – what might you be missing when you visit? Every time I go I discover something new! Here are a few tips and experiences you don’t want to miss when visiting Disney World Resort!

10. Resort for breakfast = easy access to a park

We often make reservations for breakfast, lunch or dinner at a Disney resort like the Grand Floridian, Polynesian or one of the EPCOT area resorts. When you do this, you’ll be allowed to park at the resort for that day and make use of the resort’s easy watercraft or monorail access into the parks instead of being herded into parking lot trams after parking amidst a sea of thousands of cars in the lots adjacent to each park. This idea works best for resorts that have boat and monorail access to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Eat your meal then make your way leisurely to your park of choice! The boat and monorail rides are delightful and are much more timely than taking a bus.

9. Disney Transportation is efficient but can waste time

It’s not the travel that takes awhile, it’s the waiting for the bus, boat or monorail. If you’re relying on Disney’s transportation system to get you from your resort to the parks, Downtown Disney or other places, then you’ll want to allow extra time, in some cases an hour of travel time to get to and from your destination.

8. Disney Boardwalk

Guests enjoy a quarter-mile stretch of waterfront restaurants, entertainment, shops, hotels and more at this often times overlooked Disney hot spot. Visit the Boardwalk for a great meal and an afternoon or evening of entertainment you won’t forget. An arcade and Surrey bike rentals also lend to the amusement options. To get there, take a bus from your hotel or access it through the “International Gateway” which is an exit in the back side of EPCOT’s World Showcase between England and France. You can exit EPCOT and walk to the Boardwalk or take a “Friendship Boat”.

7. Get a wake up call from a Disney character

If you are staying overnight at a Disney hotel, you can elect to be woken up via phone by a Disney character. Talk about Disney magic around the clock!

6. Best Friends Pet Care – Pet Hotel

Can’t find someone to dog sit for you during your Disney vacation? Bring Rover along with you. No, your pet isn’t allowed in the theme parks or hotels on site but your furry friend will enjoy luxury accommodations including a grooming salon and large day camp room to play with other animal friends.

5. Pin Trading

Dive in, buy a lanyard and a few pins that take your fancy then, you’re ready to trade pins with other guest or Disney Cast Members. This activity isn’t for everybody but if you like collecting things, Disney Pin Trading is great fun.

4. Disney Apps

Wait times, FastPass+ reservations, dining reservations, maps and more are available through “My Disney Experience” app. Available for both Iphone and Android devices, you’ll totally get hooked on this utility but make sure you don’t totally drain your phone battery in the parks interacting with the app. Buy a lipstick size usb charger to keep in your purse or bag to recharge your phone.

3. Entertainment

DiVine – a walking vine on stilts and Hamarabe percussionists at Animal Kingdom, jugglers and a barbershop quartet at Magic Kingdom, ethnically specific entertainment all around World Showcase at EPCOT… there are myriad entertainment venues that will surprise and delight guests from park to park. Check the “times guide” available at the entrance of whatever park you visit any given day.

2. Rider Switch for adults

Is your little one too short to ride Space Mountain or any other ride both adults in your party wish to ride? How do you decide which of you gets to enjoy the attraction? Now you won’t have to draw straws. Introducing “Rider Switch”. At any ride with a height requirement, tell the Cast Member that you’d like to do a Rider Switch. Then you’ll be given a Switch pass which allows the other member in your party to enjoy the ride once you’re done without having to wait in line. Eureka! Another tip, if you have two kids and only one of them wishes to ride the ride, the child can go twice, once with each parent.

1. Hidden Mickey’s

All across the parks are “Hidden Mickey’s”. What do we mean by this? Well, notice how the Ferry boat crews at Magic Kingdom arrange extra rope in three circles to look like Mickey’s head and ears? Or maybe how the French ice cream parlor in EPCOT’s World Showcase scoops up three scoops of ice cream and arranges them atop the containers of ice cream to look like the famous Mickey silhouette? Everywhere you turn, you’ll notice little Mouse details here and there. Treat this delightful detail as a sort of treasure hunt and keep on the lookout for these mouse motifs!

Disney is known for their attention to detail which makes them… well, Disney! Everywhere you look, there is a feast for the eyes, from lush landscaping, architecture and characters and Cast Members attired in interesting costumes. The next time you visit, don’t be in such a hurry that you miss the overall beauty and design that makes this one of the most beautiful and magical places on earth.

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