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Things They Don’t Tell You About A WDW Vacation – But We Will!

Everyone has an opinion on Walt Disney World, some are favorable, some aren’t, but when it comes time for you to plan your trip everyone will be sure to tell you what they think. However there are some things that people won’t tell you, that aren’t in the guide books, so I’ve provided some tips:

10. You don’t have to plan ahead but you should

Once you book your reservation, Disney provides tools to help plan your ultimate Disney vacation. At 180 days out you can begin to book dining reservations and at 30 days out (if staying off property) or 60 days out if you are staying on property you can begin to make FastPass selections. While you do not need to do either of these things to have a great vacation it helps ensure you get to experience your must-do rides and restaurants.

9. Staying on property is worth it

Many people will tell you that if you stay off property you can save money so it’s the way to go. However staying on property comes with a bunch of perks that make it worth it. If you are flying into Orlando International Airport you can get free transportation to your resort and they’ll make sure your bags get to your room. You get advanced access to making FastPasses and you get free Magic Bands which will be your room key, park tickets, and access to your dining plan and FastPasses. You’ll be closer to the parks and there’s free transportation to get you into the parks quick. Disney resort guests also get extended park hours on select days, known as Extra Magic Hours. With resorts at various price points, staying on property is a great deal!

8. The weather is unpredictable

Florida weather is nothing if not unpredictable. In the summer it may rain or thunder storm daily for about 15 minutes in the afternoon then stop. In the season known as winter to the most of the United States, temperatures may rise and fall without reason. For this reason it never hurts to be prepared with umbrellas, ponchos, or jackets, that way when it rains you can stay and enjoy the parks with short lines!

7. Do not wear new shoes

Take it from somebody who has done this and had many painful blisters, do not wear new shoes to the parks! First of all new shoes need to be broken in to be comfortable. Secondly, with all the walking you’ll do in the parks it’s important to ensure the shoes you wear are very comfortable which can only be determined by wearing them. Lastly, blisters are not fun, so if you can avoid them do it your feet will thank you!

6. Don’t try to do everything

Disney vacations don’t come cheap so understandably there may be pressure to do everything in one trip. However, trying to jam countless rides, attractions, and shows in one trip will leave you exhausted and worn out. Instead of doing everything figure out what’s most important to your family and focus on doing those things. And most importantly, take breaks and be sure to get some sleep. Our bodies need rest to function, so if your body is telling you to stop listen to it.

5. Drink lots of water

It’s no surprise that Florida is quite hot and with all the walking you do in the parks, your body is getting a lot of exercise. Thus, it is so important to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly. Any quick-service food location will give you a free cup of water and there are water fountains throughout the parks you’re body will thank you!

4. Attractions may break down or close due to weather unexpectedly

In a perfect world, every vacation would be full of perfect weather and no attractions would break down. Unfortunately, this is not the reality and attractions may break down or close to weather unexpectedly. While this can be very disappointing, please do not yell at cast members. They are doing everything in their power to try to get the attraction back up and running if it broke down and the weather is out of their control. They may not know what specifically happened or when the attraction will be up again, so please be patient with them.

3. Cast members want to help you

Going off #7, cast members are there to help you have the best vacation possible. They are a wealth of information and have access to valuable tools to answer any questions you may have. While they may tell you something you do not like such as your child is too short to ride or you have to move your stroller, know that they are doing so to ensure the safety of all guests.

2. You know what works best for your family

A lot of people have strong opinions on various aspects of a Disney vacation and they may try to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. But at the end of the day only you know what works best for your family. Even if others don’t agree, do what works and enjoy your vacation!

1. As soon as you come home you’ll want to go back!

Lastly, as soon as you come home you’ll probably want to go back! Disney is such a magical and fun place, which makes leaving quite hard. I know when I come home I feel sad and miss the Place Where Dreams Come True! Fortunately, there’s an easy fix, book another vacation to go back!

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Kylie is a college student studying psychology and living in New England. She first fell in love with Disney World on her first trip at age ten, where she vowed to be a cast member one day. Ten years later she achieved that dream as a Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Disney College Program participant. After graduation she plans to return to Disney World as a cast member again and move to Florida permanently.