10 Things We Wish Would Be Part of Disney Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a park in transition right now. With old attractions leaving and new attractions on the horizons, Disney fans are hopeful that the park will be revived. While we only have vague ideas of what’s to come, here’s 10 things we wish Hollywood Studios would add:

1. Cars Land

In 2012, Disneyland in California, opened up Cars Land, a section of the park dedicated to Pixar’s 2006 movie, Cars. Cars Land allows you to take a stroll down Route 66 It includes Cars themed rides, restaurants, and merchandise locations. How cool would it be to take a stroll down Route 66, eat at Flo’s café, or go for ride on Radiator Springs Racers? With the movie focus of Studios, Cars Land would be a perfect fit!

2. Monsters Inc. Rollercoaster

There has been a rumor going around the Internet about the possible addition about a Monsters Inc. roller coaster. The theming of the coaster would be based on the lobby scene of Monsters Inc. with all the doors. Guests would then board trains to ride through the lobby with doors and canisters. Although it appears that for now no such thing is coming it would be great addition to Pixar Place.

3. The reopening of the Animation Academy

In 2015, the well-loved Animation Academy closed to make way for the Star Wars Launch Bay. In this class an artist would teach guests how to draw classic Disney characters. For many guests, this class was a must-do and thus many were sad to see it leave.

4. A New Parade

Since April of 2013, Hollywood Studios has been parade-less. At a time where so much is closed at the park, the addition of new parade would give park guests more to do. Considering the popularity of Magic Kingdom’s Festival of Fantasy Parade and the success of the former parades I think this would be a wonderful way of proving new attractions while guests wait for what’s to come.

5. A Pixar Pals Character Meal

For my family, no vacation is complete without a character dining experience. However, there is not a single character meal with Pixar characters. Since, Hollywood Studios is getting a new Toy Story themed land how great would it be if guests could have dinner with Buzz, Woody, and Jessie? Seeing that Disney is refurbishing Pizza Planet and not much is known about what will be replacing it this gives Disney the perfect opportunity to add a new character dining location.

6. More Pixar meet and greets

In addition to Pixar character meals, Hollywood Studios needs more Pixar meet and greets. The Incredible and Cars meet and greets have already left and Mike and Sully are set to be leaving soon due to construction, leaving just Woody and Buzz. While Pixar characters do meet at Animal Kingdom (Dug, Russel, and sometimes Flik) and Magic Kingdom (Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Merida, The Incredibles Dance Party) it would be nice to have some characters guests don’t see anywhere else. With the success of Inside Out, Hollywood Studios would be a great home to the emotions and Bing Bong. Or how about a chance the meet everyone’s favorite master chef, Remy? There are so many options! And hopefully after construction, the Pixar characters will be back for all to enjoy.

7. More thrill rides

Rockin’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror are two of Disney’s best thrill rides, conveniently located right next to each other. This makes Hollywood Studios a great park choice for those who need to get their thrill fix. With all the extra space due to closed attractions another thrill ride would be a great addition to the park. I personally would love to see more high speed roller coasters.

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8. More family friendly rides

Although, thrill rides are great and Disney could definitely do more they are not exactly family friendly. Walt’s goal was to build a park that the whole family could enjoy together. One common complaint about Hollywood Studios is the lack of family friendly rides. Besides the shows, there are only two rides at Hollywood Studios that do not have a height requirement. Hopefully the new Toy Story and Stat Wars themed lands will include more rides for guests of all ages.

9. The return of the Osborne Lights

In 2015, the popular Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights lit up Streets of America one last time. Many loved these holiday lights and guests from all over packed the streets to see the finale. While the streets are closing due to construction, fans are hoping Disney will find a new space to light up the night during the holidays.

10. New stage shows

The final thing Hollywood Studios could stand to update is the stage shows. While the existing stage shows are great they could use some new ones to keep some things fresh.

Walt once said Disneyland would never be finished and had he lived to see Disney World he would have felt the same way. Hopefully in a few years, Hollywood Studios will have plenty for guests of all ages to enjoy.

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Kylie is a college student studying psychology and living in New England. She first fell in love with Disney World on her first trip at age ten, where she vowed to be a cast member one day. Ten years later she achieved that dream as a Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Disney College Program participant. After graduation she plans to return to Disney World as a cast member again and move to Florida permanently.

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