10 Things You May Want To Have For Your Disney Character Experience

Winnie the Pooh

10. A Belief In Magic!

The worst thing that somebody could ever do when meeting a Disney character is not believe that they are real. Not only will this make the experience unenjoyable for you, but it will also ruin the dreams of countless children around you. Disney is a place where children of all ages go to escape reality and be immersed in their favorite fairytales.  So please remember folks; there is only one Mickey Mouse, Anna, Ariel, etc. And don't ask Pooh, “Is it hot in there!?” Hot in where, in his tummy? Nope, there's just a rumbly in there!

So, I hope that this list of tips is able to help you make your next meet and greet experience more interesting and enjoyable, and that you may even be able to make a new best friend!

By Sydney

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