10 Things You Need To Know About Star Wars Weekends At Disney World

Star Wars

Stars Wars weekends are one of the best times of the year for Disney’s Hollywood Studios Parks. The park comes alive with all things Star Wars! Below are ten things you need to know before heading to a weekend far, far away.

10. Make your plans in advance: Disney’s Star Wars Weekend has been building in popularity for years. It has become so big that they now offer it several weekends in the spring. With this being said, it can make a huge difference in your weekend if you make your plans as far in advance as you can. You definitely want to make Fast Pass selections early, especially for Star Tours. The other thing you want to do is make dinning reservations as soon as you know when you are doing. You can use the My Disney Experience app to do both of these things. Many of the sit down restaurants, like 50’s Sci-Fi Café are reservation only on Star Wars weekends and do not accept walk ups at all.

9. Get to the park early: Getting to the park as early as possible is a great way to start Star Wars Weekends. As mentioned earlier this is one of the most popular events at Disney World, which will only grow in popularity due to many of the Star Wars cartoons and upcoming movies. By getting to the park early you can use the force to get on ride or attractions before the lines get really long and use your Fast Passes for when it is busier. Getting to the park early is also a great way to see special characters before the park becomes inundated with Star Wars fans.

8. Darth’s Mall: Darth Mall has a new section of Hollywood Studios this year called Darth’s Mall. These 3 brand new limited editions shops are called X-Wing Collectibles, Watto’s Grotto and the Prop Shop. Darth’s Mall is a very popular spot and there are lines for getting into the shops. Disney cast members maintain a moderate number of people in the shops at a time. Each shop has different items that are listed on the Star Wars weekend’s handout and map. These shops are definitely worth the wait!

7. Limited Edition Items: There are limited editions Star Wars Weekend merchandise sold all around the park. Some are found exclusively in Darth’s Mall, while others are found at quick service restaurants, or special stands all around the park. There are items for those Star Wars fans that want to spend big money, but there are also special edition items that are less expensive, for example a Darth Vader popcorn helmet. They are even selling limited edition Magic Bands this year. Are you an annual pass holder? Disney Star Wars Weekends offers special items for annual pass holders. There are items for sale that are only available to pass holders. There are also free items, like special edition Star Wars posters for free. Some of these change for every weekend as well. Referring to number 9 getting to the park early can give you a chance to get these items. Sometimes they do run out.

6. Special Star Wars characters: One of the things I personally love about Star Wars weekends is the special characters at Hollywood Studios. Some characters, like Storm Troopers can be found roaming the park and will stop to pose for pictures! These characters are not around the park for pictures and autographs any other times than Star Wars weekends. The character spots are located all around the park and appear several times a day. There are traditional characters from the Star Wars films, characters from the Star Wars cartoons and even traditional Disney characters, like Mickey himself, dressed up in Star Wars costumes.

5. Specialty Food and Drinks: Disney’s Star Wars weekends are full of out of this world Star Wars themed food and drinks. There are adult beverages located all throughout the park. Most drinks come with a small souvenir, like a light up Death Star, in the drink. Other special items like cupcakes can be found at quick service restaurants. All the drinks and food are special for each weekend and themed perfectly for all Star Wars fans.

4. Star Wars Motorcade: Once a day there is a Legends of the Force Motorcade. This experience happens on Hollywood Boulevard and is a definite must see. The motorcade carries Star Wars characters from all different movies and cartoons. Part of the Legends of the Force motorcade is also special celebrity guests! This is an event that you want to get a spot early. The motorcade ends with Stars Wars 501st Legion.

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3. Rebel Hangar at Back Lot Express: For Star Wars Weekend Disney has transformed the quick service Back Lot Express into a Star Wars lounge. The whole place is decorated for Star Wars and has many specialty items. The Rebel Hangar is a wonderful place to enjoy some air conditioning and the Star Wars drinks and food items.

2. Special Star Wars Shows: All day throughout the park there are special Star Wars shows happening. The Jedi Academy has shows all day long. The main stage at the end of Hollywood Boulevard has shows occurring all day long. In between shows there are characters to be found on stage like Bobba Fett or even some storm troopers for great photo opportunities and to entertain and interact with the crowd. Every weekend there are also special celebrity guests’ appearances and meet and greets available.

1. Dress up or Disneybound: Star Wars Weekends is one of the few opportunities park goers have the opportunity to wear costumes of their favorite Star Wars characters. Don’t want to wear a full costume? Why not try Disneybounding as one of your favorite characters? See our article here on what Disneybounding is and how you can turn your everyday clothes into a Star Wars character:

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