10 Things You Should NEVER Do At Disney World

There are few places on the planet where you will be encouraged to let it go! like a Disney Park. Young and old alike are free to sing and dance, and embrace the magic. All this freedom comes with responsibility, too. There are some things, you simply must not do. These may seem obvious to most reasonable people, yet they occur on a daily basis, and the results are unpleasant for everyone around.

10) Never expect everything to go smoothly. Setting your expectations too high will inevitably end poorly. People get tired, crowds swell, time flies, and even the best-laid plan can go hopelessly awry. Give up the notion of perfection. Expect hiccups and you will remain calm under pressure.

9) Never dress without regard to comfort. Maybe you want to try Disney Bounding, or you want to look pretty in all your photos, whatever your reason, wear flats, with good support and comfortable clothing. By the end of the day, you will rejoice in your decision.

8) Never bring dangerous objects to the parks. Weapons, even if you are licensed to carry, should be stowed away safely before you leave for the parks. Knifes even small ones, glass bottles or containers, replicas of anything dangerous (think hand grenade belt buckle) are all prohibited. Leave them in your room, or expect to give them to security.

7) Never wear inappropriate attire. Disney will not allow shirts or jeans that are torn, brandish vulgarities or show too much skin. This is a family park. Use some discretion, please!

6) Never use inappropriate language. If you would not say it to your grandmother, don’t say it at all! If Grandma drops the occasional “f” bomb, think what you would never say in a house of worship. Censor yourself. Young children and older adults may be offended by bad language, or abusive dialog. You can be extracted from the park for this offense.

5) Never be a jerk. It is fine to have fun, and enjoy yourself, but do not have fun at the expense of other guests. Drunkenness or physical displays of emotion should be reserved for a private time. Likewise, do not be a line-jumper, or an interloper on another family’s fun.

4) Never ignore your children. Some parents seem to think Disney is a giant childcare provider. They want their kids to run free and have fun, while the adults indulge in some together time. Kids can get out of control quickly. I have seen them punch characters, spit, litter, and run amok while parents stand by oblivious to the action. It is not fair to rely on CM’s or other guests to watch your children for you.

3) Never hold up the queue. Disney provides many distractions, to keep wait times tolerable. Interactive games or displays can slow things down considerably if you refuse to move on when the line does. This includes children who want to finish their game or whatever. Remember there are hundreds of children waiting for the same experience. Explain there is much more to do, and they need to let everyone have a turn.

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2) Never scream or yell at Cast Members. They will go out of their way to provide a magical experience for everyone, but they have little control over ride limitations, or wait times. They cannot control the crowds, especially after a show lets out. They did not create the menu or set prices. CM’s must meet rigid guidelines, which they cannot stray from, regardless of how loud you shout. Talk to them. Find out where they are from. CM’s come from all over the world to serve you. Be respectful and treat them nicely. You never know if they might sprinkle you with a little pixie dust.

1) Never destroy someone else’s’ magic. This should not even need to be said, but the sad reality is that some people really are jerks. I have seen people pop a child’s balloon and run off laughing. I have seen people laugh at others because they were acting silly (having fun), or had a physical challenge. This behavior does not belong in the Disney Kingdom. Be kind and respectful of other guests.

Disney is a magical place where everyone can be happy, as long as we all play by the rules.

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