Ratatouille Ride Euro Disney

10 Things You’ll Love About Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Coming to Walt Disney World’s EPCOT

Disney World is forever unveiling new attractions, whether they’re original or duplicates of one that exists at another Resort. In this case, it’s the latter. Yes, the Ratatouille-themed ride that’s set to open in EPCOT on October 1, 2021, for the 50th-anniversary celebrations is being modeled off its popular Disneyland Paris counterpart. And here are 10 things about the ride that are sure to whet your appetite!

10. You’ll “Shrink” To The Size Of A Rat!

If you’ve ever experienced Ratatouille: The Adventure at Disneyland Paris, then you’ll have an idea as to what’s going to be served up for Epcot’s attraction. The 4D ride will immerse you into Remy’s world and put you in his shoes – or rather his scurrying little feet! And if it’s also set to use the same setting, then you can expect to explore a lively kitchen too, with all the appropriate visuals, noises, and smells.

9. You’ll Feel Like You’re In The Movie

Like its French sibling, the ride will be a 4D track-based one. And, being inspired by a movie, you can expect to be thrust into the rich and flavorsome world that was brought sizzling to life in Disney & Pixar’s 2007 hit Ratatouille. You’ll see Remy’s world everywhere you turn, you’ll experience the sounds and smells of a real kitchen (at Gusteau’s restaurant), and you’ll relive almost everything the cheeky rat does on the screen.


8. You’ll Leave With A Big Appetite

Don’t be too surprised if you leave this ride feeling a little peckish. After all, the movie does revolve around a rat who dreams of being a chef (move over, Lumiere). If any ride in Disney World is set to be the perfect recipe for adventure while encouraging you to grab some real cuisine afterwards, it’s going to be this one. Rat-infested kitchens or not, you’ll leave this one feeling hungry!

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7. It’s The Perfect Excuse To Visit In 2021

You don’t need a reason to visit Disney World for its 50th anniversary in 2021, but being a Ratatouille fan will at least help justify spending the money. So if the details of this ride are already starting to tickle your taste buds, then you should consider planning your 2021 visit. With a number of other attractions opening up that same year, this ride is both the starter and the icing on the cake!

6. It Will Be Built In A French Setting

Where else would this ride be located other than World Showcase’s France Pavilion? It makes perfect sense to fuse the fine flavors of these two worlds together, and having the attraction here will also enhance its authenticity. So if you do leave this ride feeling hungry, then head to the likes of Chefs de France and enjoy some fine French cuisine before your next adventure.

Ratatouille Ride Euro Disney

5. You Needn’t Visit Disneyland Paris To Experience It

While so much smaller than Disney World, Disneyland Paris is still one of the most magical places on earth. You may never have ventured to the European resort, but now there’s no need to worry, because come 2021 you’ll finally get a taste of Europe in Florida. There are also other Disneyland Paris rides at Disney World, such as Peter Pan’s Flight and Pirates of the Caribbean.

4. It Might Make You Want To Visit Disneyland Paris

On the other hand, this new attraction might make you want to visit Disneyland Paris – which isn’t at all a bad thing. Disneyland Paris is perhaps the most charming of the Disney resorts. And if it’s a certain rat you’re after and you can’t wait until 2021, look no further than Paris. Where better to celebrate your love for the movie by experiencing its first ever-ride in the city where it’s set?

3. It’s A 3D, 4D, POV and CGI Adventure

Assuming this ride will mirror Ratatouille: The Adventure, then prepare to board a rat-car and enter the action-packed world of a… kitchen! You’ll scurry through an environment teeming with CGI and practical effects. Meanwhile, traditional Parisian music will play overhead – and that’s way overhead, because you’ll be busy whizzing underfoot as you, ahem, “tail” Remy during his antics!

Ratatouille Ride Euro Disney

2. Ratatouille Is Refreshingly Low-Key

Nowadays it’s all about superheroes and galactic adventures, especially with the MCU and Star Wars in dominance (though rightly so). But it’s nice to see a spotlight on one of Disney & Pixar’s less popular movies. Sure, most people know what Ratatouille is, but it still isn’t as well-known as the likes of Toy Story or Cars. In 2021 you’ll be delighted to see something new on Disney World’s menu!

1. Its Popularity Could Result In A Sequel

Could the new Ratatouille ride be a sign of an upcoming sequel or a way of testing the waters? And why shouldn’t there be a sequel? We’ve already had the fourth Toy Story movie and the long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles, to name but a few. So it’s possible that Disney & Pixar have a secret recipe in holding for Remy’s next appetizer – sorry, adventure!

If you’re a real Ratatouille fan and simply can’t wait for the main course to arrive in October, why not sample the attraction at Disneyland Paris in the meantime? If that’s out of budget – understandable, of course – then just put the movie on and start teasing those taste buds!

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