10 Tips On How to Do Magic Kingdom Like A Disney Pro

Magic Kingdom is the most visited theme park in the entire country and for good reason. The park offers several attractions, shows, parades, dining experiences and character interactions for guests to enjoy. With so many things to do, it can be very overwhelming and can cause a damper on your trip if you don’t know how to navigate the kingdom. Here are 10 tips for doing Magic Kingdom just like a Disney pro:

10. Grab A MagicBand

A few years ago, this wasn’t even a thing to consider when hitting the parks. However, it has quickly become something that adds to the fluidity of a Disney trip. You can link park tickets, Fastpass+ reservations and, if you’re staying on property, your credit card. This will save you from wasting time fishing around in your bag for your tickets every time you need them.

9. Make Fastpasses In Advance—And Makes Them For The Most Popular Attractions

Making Fastpasses ahead of time will save you from having to rush to a kiosk as soon as you get to the park. In addition, if you wait until the last minute, you run the risk of not getting ideal attractions or times. Make your selections in advance and make them for the attractions that are the most popular. Some suggestions are Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and, if you have kids, Peter Pan’s Flight. Also, if your kids have their hearts set on meeting princesses in Princess Fairytale Hall, I would make a Fastpass for that, too. Just remember—you can only make up to three initial Fastpasses.

8. Get To The Park Before Rope Drop

If you want to make the most out of your day at Magic Kingdom, you have to get there for rope drop. Not only is it a great way to kick off the day, but it allows you the max amount of time to get everything done that’s on your to do list. However, allow yourself enough time to park and get to the park entrance, otherwise you risk the chance of missing it!

7. Do Popular Attractions In The Morning

This is another reason why it pays to get to the park as early as possible. Remember all of the attractions you weren’t able to Fastpass? The early morning when the park first opens is the best time to ride them. The lines won’t be as long as later on the day and it’ll be easier to make your way through the park too. Bonus? You may be able to snag a picture in front of the castle with no one, or at least a very little amount of people, in it!

6. Pack Snacks/Bring Water

It’s no secret that a trip to Disney is expensive, and you don’t want to waste more money than necessary on food and drinks. Pack some snacks in a backpack and bring a refillable water bottle. Or, if you don’t want to bring a water bottle, most quick service locations will give you a cup of ice water for free—and sometimes it’s the same size as the cup you get with a regular soft drink! Moral of the story—you’ll NEVER, EVER, EVER pay for water, ever again. Thank me later.

5. Grab A Guide Map And Make A Plan

If you don’t know your way around Magic Kingdom, grabbing a park map is crucial to having a successful day. You can figure out where all of the different lands are, pick out the attractions you want to do in each section of the park and even pick a place to stop and eat. This will save you from aimlessly walking around with no idea where anything is.

4. Wear Sneakers/Comfortable Clothes

I can’t stress this one enough. If you plan on spending the whole day in the park, you’ll be on your feet for 90% of it. You’ll also be in the hot Florida sun. This means you need to be as comfortable as possible. Sneakers are your best option as far as shoes go, and loose, light colored clothing will keep you cooler as you run around the park.

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3. Bring A Camera

Your phone will also work! But bring something – anything – that you can use to take pictures throughout the day! It’s important to take all of the magic in, but it’s also nice to have something to look back on to remember your trip. Also, it saves you from having to buy (too many) Photopass photos.

2. Bring A Portable Charger

In this day and age, staying connected is easier than ever. Unfortunately, it’ll drain your battery super fast. If you plan on your phone making it through the day so you can take pictures during Wishes, you’ll want to have a fully charged portable charger with you. If you don’t own a portable charger, you’re in luck—to the left of the Tangled bathroom area (which should be so much bigger, in my opinion) is an area where you can charge your phone if you have your charger with you!

1. Take A Break

Every Disney pro knows that Magic Kingdom is the park that will burn you out the most, simply because you spend the most time there and it has the most to do. That’s why it’s so important to slow down and take a break. Do an indoor attraction like the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor or the classic attraction Carousel of Progress; grab a Lefou’s Brew from Gaston’s Tavern and take a look at all of the antlers he used in his decorating; take a loop around Tomorrowland on the Peoplemover. Letting your body recharge will give you the energy to make it through the rest of the day.

Magic Kingdom is a big beast to tackle, and you might not even get to do everything the park has to offer. However, with these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the kingdom just like a Disney pro.

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