10 Walt Disney World Rules You Should Always Follow

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7. Take the Straight and Narrow Path

Jumping off our previous tip, getting from A to B can be a bit of a trek. The easiest way to manage your way through the parks is to stay on the indicated walkways and paths through the area. Though it is tempting to cut across sidewalks and under store-fronts, it is also incredibly easy to run into someone, and possibly get hurt. It is much safer and smarter to use the wide paths that connect different areas of the parks. This is especially true when everyone makes the mass exodus at the end of the day. In order to make a safe and orderly journey as you travel here, there, and yonder, stay on the right path.

6. Don’t Rush a Good Time

The quickest way to spoil a day at Disney is to try to run-go-do your way through the park. As stated before, the parks are enormous environments with lots to do and lots to see. Even if you rush through everything, you still will not get to see it all. Don’t try to run and cram everything all in a heap. Relax, pace yourself, and enjoy every ounce of magic the Disney Parks have to offer. Everyone has places they wanna see, running around and trying to push and shove through everything is not going to improve anyone’s trip. Stop, take a deep breath, and just enjoy the day.

5. All Together Now

This rule mainly applies to guests and park-goers traveling with more than one party member. Flocks of people go to the Disney Parks every day, it can be very easy for someone to get separated and lost from the group. This can be particularly hazardous for any groups with young children. When traveling in a group, staying together is a no-brainer, but if at some point your party should separate, be sure to pick a meet up location. This can prevent any stress or separation anxieties, no pun intended.

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