10 Walt Disney World Pressed Pennies You Must Collect!

Who doesn’t love some pressed pennies from Disney? They’re cute, unique, small, and affordable – pretty much the perfect souvenir! If you know where to look, you can find a penny press machine around every corner, it seems. Here are a few places to find some special pennies for your collection.

10. Dinosaurs – If you have a dino enthusiast in your penny-collecting entourage, the best places to get dinosaur pressed pennies are in Animal Kingdom’s Restrauntosaurus or in the T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney. Both locations have two machines, and the logo will correspond with the place of purchase.

9. Big Hero 6 – Currently you can meet Baymax and Hiro in Hollywood Studios’ Magic of Disney Animation (the same place you meet Sorcerer Mickey), and there is a penny press machine right next to the character greeting spot. But beware, this greeting spot usually changes based on the most current movie, so the machine is likely to change with the characters, possibly making these coins limited editions.

8. Princesses – For princess fans, you can find various Disney darlings scattered throughout the property. But for the best one-stop-shop, hit up In Character, the store adjacent to the Little Mermaid show in Hollywood Studios. You’ll find twelve Disney princess pennies there! You can also find three Frozen designs in Legends of Hollywood.

7. Secret Penny – In Epcot’s France there is a penny press machine with a secret coin. It can only be accessed by doing the Agent P mission for France. Get a cell phone at any Agent P station, follow the clues, and receive a secret (and free!) pressed penny. And do the rest of the missions too – they’re super fun!

6. Series – There are several penny series available for serious collectors – Cars, Lilo and Stitch, Lady and the Tramp, etc. I say “serious” because, if you’re looking for a complete series, you’re often going to have to go to several different places, including out-of-the-way properties like resorts and waterparks. But that just makes completing a series that much more rewarding! Do a search online or go to to locate all the coins in the series you choose to follow. They’ll be numbered, like “1 of 7”, so you can know exactly how many to look for.

5. Exclusives in Downtown Disney – Downtown Disney has several pressed penny machines, including some that hold series pennies. However, there are two notable places to look for exclusive pennies – Wreck It Ralph pennies are located on the third floor of Disney Quest and Cirque du Soleil has machines with various show performers to imprint. You can’t find these anywhere else on property!

4. Your Resort – If you’re staying on Disney property, it’s fun to get a penny with the name of your resort on it. Ask the front desk where to locate the machines. Most of the resorts have quarter presses with their logos, which may be a good chance to fill the larger slots if you’re doing a coin press folio.

3. Rare Classics – You can find various classic character pennies sprinkled throughout WDW. But two that are a little harder to find are Peter Pan (located in Magic Kingdom’s Newstand) and the Alice in Wonderland characters (find several in All Star Music Resort).

2. Holiday Editions – Disney will put out rare holiday edition pennies in fall and early winter. If you plan to visit the parks during that time, stop by Guest Services on your way in for the most up-to-date locations, including the holiday machines.

1. DCL Pennies – Disney Cruise Line has six exclusive pennies, including some with individual ship logos. You can find the machines inside the terminals either before or after your vacation. Ask a cast member for assistance.

Keep your eye out for those penny press machines! Locations can change without notice, though. For the most up-to-date, extensively detailed lists before you go, check out Enjoy! Penny collecting is fun…and somewhat addictive!

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