11 Best Times Of The Year To Visit Walt Disney World

NBA Experience

5. A Few Weeks After the Unveiling of a New Attraction

Naturally, such events attract more crowds than usual, so unless your patience goes “to infinity and beyond” it’s not a terrible idea to give it a few weeks before checking out a new experience. Just take comfort in the fact that if “there’s something there that wasn’t there before” at Walt Disney World Resort, it won’t be going anywhere in a hurry!

6. 2019-Specific: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Opening

Okay, so this does contradict that last point, but if you’re a Star Wars fan then perhaps there’s simply no stopping you from being there when the new themed land opens in late 2019. So take this as a reminder only – after all, the crowds will be seemingly endless considering Galaxy’s Edge will be the world’s first ever Star Wars themed land. Start preparing now you must!

7. 2019-Specific: NBA Experience Opening

The same applies to the NBA Experience coming in Summer 2019. Yes, you’ve been told to avoid the heart of summer and to also give it a few weeks before seeing new attractions, but again, this is a reminder. Besides, if you’re happy to visit as the red carpet is being rolled out, who knows - you might just get to experience this thrilling new multi-entertainment venue without breaking a sweat!

8. When it’s Cooler

This will undoubtedly depend on your preferences as some people love the heat – but needless to say those people are a very select few! Florida can be excruciatingly hot, and being neck-deep in tens of thousands of people in a theme park resort during such temperatures can really take the fun out of your Disney experience – and might even make you feel like a snowman in the summer!

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