11 Dos and Don'ts For Your First Day At Disney World

Cast Members

6. Don’t: Let Unexpected Delays Bother You

Between air travel, traffic, buses, transportation on property, and a family member spending too long in the shower at the resort, you’re bound to be thrown off schedule here and there. Keep possible delays in mind for your arrival day and don’t let them get to you. Things happen and it’s best to just go with the flow.

5. Do: Make a Dining Reservation

When you are settled in and ready to take on the rest of your arrival day, you are most likely going to be pretty hungry. To avoid eating too late, only dining on snacks, or changing your plans, try to have a dining reservation made for after your arrive. Just make sure your dining reservation won’t be too close to your estimated arrival time to avoid any issues with delays. Your stomach will thank you!

4. Don’t: Get Frustrated with Cast Members

This is something to keep in mind not only for day one, but also for the duration of your trip. Whether they’re at your resort or in the parks, cast members are there to help you and cannot always control delays, breakdowns, etc. If you have an issue, they will help you as best as they can, but remember they cannot fix everything, so try not to take out your frustrations on them. Be as calm and patient as possible.

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