12 Reasons Why You Should Collect Pressed Pennies at Walt Disney World

I’ve given in to collecting a lot of Disney merchandise over the years, but one of my favorite collections will always be my pressed pennies. For souvenirs that cost only $.51, pressed penny collecting is extremely addicting and fun! If you haven’t started collecting them yet, here are 12 reasons why you should start on your next Disney trip:

12. So you can buy one of those cute pressed pennies holders

If you’ve ever been near the autograph book section of a Disney gift shop, you might have noticed the little binders for pressed pennies. They come in a couple of different designs and are the perfect way to store all of those pressed pennies you bring home from your Disney trips. And the best part about them is that they come in a number of cute different designs. My favorites are the Tinkerbell ones or the Walt Disney World ones, which feature many of the park icons.

11. They’re easy to get home

Compared to other souvenirs, pressed pennies are extremely easy to get home. Whether you’re flying or driving home from Walt Disney World, pressed pennies will not take up too much space in a carry on or in your car.

10. They make great memories

Even if you don’t collect all of the pressed pennies at Walt Disney World, it’s fun to collect ones that have a special meaning to you. If the Jungle Cruise is your favorite ride, for instance, you can stop by the penny press near the ride’s exit and take home a small souvenir to remember your last experience on the ride there.

9. They’re perfect for scrapbooking

With increased technology, finding small (and free/cheap) souvenirs to use in scrapbooks is becoming more and more difficult. (With so many helpful apps, and everything being online, paper materials you would have used for scrapbooks are slowly disappearing.) Thankfully, pressed pennies are still around, and they are the perfect little trinkets to use for scrapbooking.

8. Kids love them

Kids love collecting pressed pennies, especially because they get to go out and look for the ones they want, and some of the presses are more interactive. Kids especially love the manual presses, as they get to turn the lever and essentially press the pennies themselves—talk about a special souvenir!

7. They give you something to do with your spare change

Let’s be honest—you probably come home from vacation with a purse full of change anyay, so why not put that change to good use? Even if you convert your change to pressed pennies, you’ll still be getting rid of the quarters that weigh down your purse.

6. They’re easy to find

Pressed pennies are extremely easy to find, they’re pretty much everywhere! Resorts, gift shops, attraction exits, walkways… you can easily find penny presses all over the Walt Disney World Resort.

5. There are pressed pennies for most Disney attractions/areas

For whatever character, movie, or attraction you like most, chances are there’s a penny press for it. If you’re having trouble finding penny presses, check with guest relations for some guidance.

4. They’re cheap

$.51 for a Disney souvenir? Pressed pennies are the perfect way to take something home to remember your trip by without breaking the bank.

3. You can make things with them

I’ve seen people turn pressed pennies into bracelets and necklaces, as well as keychains, and I’ve even seen them attached to hats. Other ideas might be to make key chains or lanyard medals out of them. If you’re crafty enough, the opportunities are endless!

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2. They’re always changing

As evidenced by the couple of penny presses at Walt Disney World that now feature characters from Frozen, the penny designs offered are constantly changing. This means that even if you are a frequent visitor to the parks there will always be new penny designs out there for you to collect. It also means that collecting pressed pennies as a hobby will never get hold!

1. It’s fun!

This point really does not need much of an explanation—collecting pressed pennies is fun! What other souvenir can you spontaneously stumble upon while exiting your favorite ride? Or that you can bring home and make into a necklace? Collecting pressed pennies is very fun (and addicting.) Happy collecting!

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