12 Signs That You May Be A Total Disney Fanatic!

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10. Extra Funds are Automatically Put Toward Disney

Lots of people use their tax refund to get away to Disney for a few days. However, if you take this a step further by applying all bonuses and unexpected money to Disney trips and merchandise without question you might be a fanatic. Those with a severe case of this Disney fanatic ailment might even seek out ways to cut corners in their everyday lives in order to save for another Disney trip!

9. The Majority of Your Clothes Display Disney Characters

Let's face it, wearing shirts adorned with Disney princesses and carrying backpacks displaying Mickey heads isn't exactly normal adult behavior. However, the true Disney fanatic doesn't care what others claim is “normal”. They stock their closets with character clothing and emerge each day wearing a new Disney shirt, dress, or tie without a second thought.

8. Your Friends Turn to You For Disney Planning Advice

If your friends all know you as the “Disney person” and use you as a private Disney travel agent, you are almost certainly a Disney fanatic. You're likely chock full of awesome insider tips and tricks, and your friends recognize this and want to take advantage of it. Go ahead and share some of your secrets, but don't forget to leave some things a mystery so they can find the magic of Disney on their own.

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