12 Signs That You May Be A Total Disney Fanatic!

Chef Mickey's

7. Dining With Disney Characters is Normal for You

The average person would find it quite odd to eat dinner surrounded by Disney princesses and Mickey and the gang. Fanatics however take this in stride. These people have experienced too many character meals to count, and while they still adore the experience, it's no longer strange to them in the slightest.

6. You No Longer Need a Map at Disney Parks

To a first-time visitor, the Disney parks might seem large, confusing, and overwhelming. However, those who have been often enough—the ones who are true, die-hard fans—know the parks like the backs of their hands. If you can pull up a park map by closing your eyes, you'll know you're a real fanatic.

5. Disney Blogs are Your Favorite Reading Material

There are countless Disney blogs on the internet. Many are for vacation planning, while others are general Disney blogs. If you read any of these on a regular basis, and especially if you have a few favorites, you can consider yourself a part of the Disney fanatic club.

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