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12 Survival Tips for your Disney Vacation

toddler with mickey ears

10.  Plan ahead for any special needs of your family

Give some thought to the needs of everyone in your traveling party, and know what is available to you before you go.  If you have a child with a disability, the Disability Access System (DAS) can be a lifesaver. Travelling with a baby?  Know where the baby care center is located in the park- it’s a great, quiet place to feed and change the little one and escape the crowds for a bit.

11.  When in doubt, Bring the stroller

Your child may be an infrequent stroller user at home, but Disney is a whole different animal!  Walking miles and miles every day is exhausting, especially for kids. You’ll be thankful you brought a stroller (or rented one) when even your older children get tired out and need a spot to take a quick nap or get off their feet.  

12.  Temper your expectations & know when to “Let it Go”

This is really hard advice to take if you’re a perfectionist over-planner like me, but flexibility is key to survival.  Advance planning is fantastic, and usually has a positive impact on a trip- but a measure of “go with the flow” is also a crucial part of the recipe for vacation bliss.  Rides will be closed, someone will get a migraine, and the weather might cancel an event. The bottom line? Go into your trip not expecting perfection, and try to make the most of every moment.  

We’d love to hear your suggestions- how do you keep everyone happy on vacation?  Share your survival tips with us!

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