13 Things You Should Never Do on Your Disney Vacation

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You probably have an idea of all of the wonderful things you should do during your Disney vacation, but what about the things you shouldn’t? Disney vacations are truly unlike other travel experiences, and there are certain things you may do other places that would not be the best to do here. Keep reading to get the full scoop on all of the things that can make (or break) your next Disney trip:

1. Skip Researching Prior To Your Trip

You don’t need to spend hours on end researching every detail of the Walt Disney World Resort. However, following sites like this one or checking things like which rides will be refurbished and what the weather will be like during your stay, can go a long way. Once at the resort, Disney cast members are certainly willing to help make your vacation a breeze. Knowing some of what to expect beforehand can really make your vacation even easier and more care-free.

2. Sleep In Too Late

There is nothing wrong with taking some time to relax on vacation, but if you sleep in late every day of your Disney trip you may miss out on some of the best hours in the parks. Early mornings in the parks (with the exception of new areas like Toy Story Land and Pandora: World of Avatar) can be much more relaxing than the later parts of the day. Crowds are lighter, wait times for attractions are shorter, and it’s just easier to take in all of the details that make the parks so special.

3. Forget To Stay Hydrated

With so much going on at the Walt Disney World Resort it’s all too easy to forget about your water intake. Especially in the warm summer months, staying hydrated is a must while visiting the parks. You can get free cups of ice water from any Quick Service restaurant, and while you may be rushing to your favorite attractions it’s definitely worth stopping for a few sips of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.

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