15 Things You May Not Know About Mickey Mouse

Move It Shake It Dance Party

6. Mickey’s Wife

Some wonder if Mickey and Minnie are married or just dating. Well, according to Walt in 1933 they are most definitely married. Sometimes for theatrical purposes Minnie will play his girlfriend, but no matter what she’s always his leading lady.

7. Mickey’s Comic

Disney legend Ub Iwerks created a comic strip featuring Mickey Mouse in 1930. At its peak, the comic was featured in 40 papers across 22 countries. No wonder he’s a world-wide icon!

8. Mickey’s Fingers

Everyone knows that Mickey only has four fingers (well, three fingers and a thumb). Apparently the choice was both economic (it saved animation time and therefore money) and aesthetic (four fingers seemed more fitting for a small character).

9. Mickey’s First Parade

Today Mickey makes parade appearances several times a day in the theme parks. But his very first parade was in New York City in 1934. His likeness was formed into a giant 40 foot tall balloon for the Macy’s Santa Claus Parade.

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