19 Walt Disney World Hacks

19 Disney World Hacks

Do Disney like a boss with these helpful hacks:

19. Band Security – Unless you have (or purchase) a slider for the back of all your Magic Bands, there is a potential that the snaps could come undone. To avoid the hassle of a lost Magic Band, just use a mini hair elastic in place of a slider.

18. Sticker Sensor – If you have a little one that gets freaked out by automatic-flushing toilets, then you may have already figured out that covering the sensor on the wall will help get the job done without tears. At WDW you can use one of the many stickers that cast members hand out to be your child’s bathroom hero. Just have them put the sticker on the sensor so they can do their business in peace.

17. Interchange Lids – The reusable souvenir mugs come in a couple different colors around the 4 parks. If you have a larger party, you may find it helpful to customize the lids by snapping off the slider part. Then mom can have blue with a red slider, dad can have green with a blue slider, grandma can have original red with red…you get the idea.

16. Drink Organizer – I recently saw a family using part of a hanging shoe organizer clipped onto their stroller to hold the souvenir mugs I just mentioned. Everyone in their party had a cup holder!

15. Bandaid Identifier – If you have small children who can’t memorize your phone number, write it on a bandaid and stick it on their upper arm or leg. Teach them to locate a cast member and show them the bandaid in the event you get separated.

14. Drip Catcher – To minimize Mickey Bar mess on a hot day, stick a disposable drink lid on the stick. It will catch all the sticky drips! (PS This won’t work in Animal Kingdom, where lids are not available.)

13. Cover Up – Don’t forget a large plastic bag to cover up your tech while on Kali River Rapids!

12. Photo Buddy – If you have a child that is camera shy, consider having a designated plush photo buddy. Have your child practice posing the plush at various places and taking its picture. Then when it’s your child’s turn, hand them the plush for added courage, saying “______ has lots of practice taking pictures now. He’ll help you be brave!”

11. Long-lasting Cold Water – If the place where you’re staying has a freezer, fill a water bottle half-way with water and lay it on it’s side overnight to freeze. Then fill the other half with water in the morning for instant – but long-lasting – cold water.

10. Pressed Penny Canister – If you plan to collect pressed pennies at WDW, organize your coins in a quarter-quarter-penny pattern using an old film canister or a mini M&M canister.

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9. App-solutely Peaceful – For help getting little ones (or yourself!) to sleep in a new, sometimes loud environment, download a white noise app to your phone or tablet. For babies accustomed to noise machines or fans, this app can be a real packing space saver!

8. Pack the Princess – Little girls love to wear princess dresses at WDW. To minimize the poof in the suitcase (and avoid getting glitter on ALL the other things), put princess dresses in large ziplock bags and squish all the air out before packing.

7. Curtain Call – If that sliver of light between the curtains keeps you up at night, fasten them together using clip hangers.

6. Warm Up – If your coffee gets cold while you’re on a ride, head to the Baby Care Center. There’s a microwave in there for complimentary use.

5. Balloon Replacement – I have a balloon phobia so I haven’t tried this, but I’ve heard that if your child’s Mickey balloon pops in the park you can get another one for free. (Confirm with a cast member first.)

4. Penny Shiner – Pressed pennies are even better if they’re super shiny. Bring the bling back to old coins using a dab of ketchup.

3. Bag Poncho – If you’re caught in a surprise rain shower without a real poncho, duck into a store and ask a cast member for a merchandise bag. By ripping a few well-placed holes, you can create a make-shift poncho for kids (who happen to be the least tolerant to wet clothes, in my experience).

2. Change of Clothes – More of a tip than a hack, but don’t forget to bring kids a change of clothes into Animal Kingdom and Epcot so that they can play in the fountains.

1.Toiletry Saver – If you find that you have extra shampoo, take it home for an instant olfactory trip back to the place where dreams come true. Rip a little piece of a merchandise bag and put it under the lid so contents don’t spill in transit.

What’s your favorite go-to Disney hack? Share it with us in the comments!

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