10 Symptoms of a Disney Obsession – How to Know if You’re a Disney Fanatic!

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Our readers loved Disney Fanatic’s first article entitled “10 Symptoms of a Disney Obsession”. Here’s another list of symptoms you might experience if your life revolves around Disney!

10. You make a habit of checking the weather in Orlando…even with no vacation in your foreseeable future. In fact, you have Orlando programmed into your smart phone weather app. You might not be there, but you like to know if it would be warm enough to swim or if you’d be getting rained on IF you were there!

9. Your news feed on social media consists of at least 30% Disney-related content. Even Facebook knows you’re a Disney Fanatic! You belong to so many Disney groups and have “liked” so many Disney-related Facebook pages that the posts of your actual live friends are barely visible between the up-to-the-minute Disney news items. And you wouldn’t have it any other way!

8. Your vacation plan includes multiple lists, schedules, and the occasional spreadsheet. Part of the Disney vacation experience is the planning! With so much fun packed into a vacation, it wouldn’t be possible to keep track of everything without several pages of detailed notes.

7. You clear your schedule for 7am at T-minus 180 days and counting… Nothing is going to get between you and your breakfast reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table. And if that means rearranging your life on the day those ADRs become available for your vacation, so be it.

6. You own a special “Disney Wardrobe”. This may include apparel featuring Disney character, multiple sets of Mickey Mouse ears, and a fanny and/or backpack especially for park touring.

5. You secretly (or not so secretly) long to live and/or work at Disney. Your bucket list includes items like, “Work in a Disney gift shop” and “Buy a home in Golden Oak”. You would love nothing more than to move to the Orlando area when you retire. What could be more magical than a permanent Disney vacation?

4. You are able to give people directions from one Disney location to another off the top of your head. You know the layout of all Disney parks like the back of your hand. You know the most efficient means of traveling between each resort, every theme park, and Downtown Disney. You know precisely how long it takes to get from the entrance of the Magic Kingdom to Cinderella Castle. And you know the best way to get from Tomorrowland to Frontierland during the 3 o’clock parade.

3. You feel personally offended and/or completely perplexed when you hear someone say they aren’t a “Disney person”. It’s hard for you to imagine someone not enjoying a visit to Disney World. You just can’t understand how anyone could go there once and not feel the need to visit again and again. What is the matter with these people?

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2. People you don’t even know have started contacting you for Disney vacation planning tips and advice. If you’ve ever gotten an e-mail or text message from a “friend of a friend” looking for help planning their next Disney vacation because they heard you were a Disney guru, you might be a fanatic!

1. You feel bad for all of the people who are leaving. Watching people take their packed bags out of their magical hotel rooms evokes a real sense of sadness every time you see it. But it’s nothing compared to the devastation you feel for yourself on your own last Disney day.

How serious is your Disney obsession? Tell us about your symptoms below!

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