20 Things You Need To Know About Visiting Disney World Resort

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3. It’s Expensive

Although a day filled with magic and happiness is priceless, entrance to the Disney World Parks is very expensive. Before visiting, It’s good to have in mind the price of a ticket. On a regular day, a ticket to Disney World’s Epcot, Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios parks costs $114 for ages 10+, and $119 to enter the Magic Kingdom. However, they do lower the price on “value” days and surge the price during “peak” days. Look at the Disney World Calendar to keep up-to-date on the pricing. Plan to budget your money wisely before your trip due to the food + tickets + parking costs!  If you'd like to have assistance in knowing how to budget for your Disney trip, an Authorized  Disney Vacation Planner like Mickey Travels can give you a bevy of information on that score.  Their advice is totally free of cost to you.

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