5 Things Disney Addicts Dream About

5 Things Disney Addicts Dream About
5 Things Disney Addicts Dream About

So a pretty routine thing my youngest and I do at night is discuss good things to dream about while falling asleep. I’m not lying when I say Disney is always on the list. It could be about when our next trip will be (29 days!) or our favorite character or ride. These ideas aren’t just for him of course, all true die-hard Disney fans have Disney dreams too. Here are 5 things us Disney addicts dream about when not at our favorite place.

5. Our next Disney trip – Usually within hours of leaving Disney, we addicts are already online looking at hotels to book for our next trip. If you have been on a cruise or Adventures by Disney, then you are booking those next trips maybe even before leaving for your current vacation. It’s what we do. It’s what gets us up in the morning and what we dream about at night. We love to plan and plan and plan Disney vacations. If we aren’t doing it for ourselves, then chances are, we are helping someone else with their trip, but secretly dreaming that it was ours.

4. Characters – Otherwise known as family to some of us Disney addicts, we love to dream about what characters we will see in front of the castle, or waiting to greet us in the Magic of Animation. Seeing those favorite characters never fails to bring a smile to our faces, and whether it’s the 1st or 101st time we’ve seen them, it’s magic. We dream of meeting the princess and prince from our childhood and we dream of making those same memories for our loved ones.

3. Sounds and Smells of Disney – Ask any Disney addict about a certain attraction and I can guarantee they can think of not just the attraction, but the smell and music or sounds that go with it. We certainly have our favorites and some may even be on my I-pod to help me relax on a tough day when I can’t be at Disney. We dream about hearing that Aerosmith music from Rock-n-Roller coaster, or the sweet melody from the carrousel. When it comes to the smells, we addicts love the walk down Main Street and the flight on Soarin’. I personally dream about finding a candle that smells like Disney, just to hold me over until my next trip.

2. Mickey waffles and all things Mickey shaped – Disney addicts dream of a world where we can wake up and have Mickey waffles every day for breakfast, a Mickey shaped pretzel for lunch and Mickey shaped ice cream bars and rice crispy treats for dinner. We dream about other foods you can only get at Disney too, and often wish there was a home delivery system to feed our addiction and appetite. Something about Disney can make things like popcorn and turkey legs taste better than from anywhere else and it’s what some Disney addict’s dreams are made of.

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1. Sleeping in the Castle – Oh my gosh, what true Disney fan doesn’t dream of this? While I have read of people who have been able to stay here or at least visit, I can only dream of what a night in Cinderella’s castle would be like. Many Disney addicts do the same. Spending the night in the “happiest place on Earth” would be a dream come true, and one that would definitely be remembered for a lifetime. While we are truly thankful for all our visits to Disney, this dream is one we are likely only to read about. But who knows, maybe with “a little faith, trust and pixie dust”…

I am a proud Disney addict raising a few addicts myself and I am so glad we have such wonderful things to dream about and hope for. In a world that isn’t so pretty or magical, we have a place that we can go to together and dream about in the meantime.

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