5 Things Disney Insiders Always Take to Walt Disney World

Kilimanjaro Safari

1. Their curiosity

A Disney traveler does not hustle from attraction to attraction, blind to all of the other fun things happening around them. No no no; a Disney traveler ambles, and explores, and takes the time to wander wherever they like in the World! This approach is particularly effective at Walt Disney World, because this place is one of magic and wonder and countless surprises. Street shows, DeVine's mystical appearances, the never-ending amount of variety in the Kilimanjaro Safari, musical performances--there is a LOT going on at Walt Disney World, at all times, and that makes it an amazing place to explore casually. So don't race from place to place; grab a snack! Wear your comfortable shoes!  If you want to watch the tigers at the Maharajah Jungle Trek for hours on end, then you go right ahead and do that (particularly since they are completely stunning). This is no one else's vacation, and no one is grading you! So enjoy--but most importantly, relax! Disney can take you to amazingly new and unexpected places if you let it. 

There's one more thing that Disney Insiders bring to Walt Disney World: their appetite. Disney-goers bring all of their appetites for food, for experiences, and for fun--because Disney is chock-full of all three, right there for the taking!  So put on your comfiest walking shoes, grab your sunscreen, and open your mind; you're going on a Disney vacation, and it's time for some of that signature magic!

Photo Credit: Disney

By Sharon

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