5 Things You Must Know When Hurricanes Hit Walt Disney World

Entrance Line

3. Do Not Panic

If you are at Walt Disney World when a major storm hits, you can find some measure of comfort in knowing that there is an elaborate and incredibly thorough procedure in place to help ensure the safety of each and every guest. While it might be all too easy to cling to the idea that there is a magic weather bubble surrounding the Walt Disney Resort, we recommend that everyone exhibit good common sense if a high category hurricane is barreling towards Walt Disney World and simply avoid it altogether. However, if you have already arrived on property when a strong storm hits, there are certainly worse locations you could find yourself at.

As far as safety goes, in 2009 the NOAA issued the Walt Disney World Resort a Storm Ready designation, meaning you are in very capable hands should the worst occur. In addition to the readiness of the Cast Members following procedure to safeguard your protection, Walt Disney World was built with the knowledge that Florida sees severe weather—including hurricanes—from time to time and has been reinforced to resist and withstand hurricane damage.

Though it’d be foolish to completely rule out the possibility of being hit directly by a monster of a hurricane, the geographic location that Disney World is placed within Florida couldn’t be any more favorable as far as weathering hurricanes goes. It is so far inland that tidal surge is not truly a worry and storms typically break up quite a bit by the time it reaches the central part of the state.

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