6 Sensational Interactive Kid Activities at Walt Disney World Parks

Darth Vader

As if Disney World wasn’t a kid’s paradise already, the Disney imagineers have created several interactive kid activities to even further enhance children’s experiences in the parks. Check out some of these awesome adventures to take your kids’ Disney parks day to the next level.

6. Agent P Adventure – If you’ve been to Epcot’s World Showcase, you may have seen cast members dressed in bright turquoise who are recruiting interns for special missions. If your kid chooses to accept such missions, they will be given a smart phone equipped with mission data to access in six different pavilions. Once in the correct “country” kids are given various clues via the phone to help thwart the efforts of the evil Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Whoever thought of this activity is a genius! World Showcase can tend to be low on kid’s must-do lists. But with this high-tech scavenger hunt, traveling the “world” is suddenly super cool! The phone tracks your locations and actual physical surprises happen as you move through your missions. As we’ve triggered explosions, fog, etc. we’ve had so many people ask us “Are you guys doing that? What is that game?” It’s seriously amazing, and our family gives it five stars!

5. Kidcot – Another activity in World Showcase is the Kidcot fun stops. Children can color a Duffy the Bear puppet at any of the Kidcot locations. Then as they visit the various countries, cast members will tell them some fun facts as they color (or stamp) their country’s flag onto the back of the puppet. This activity is geared towards younger kids, and is the perfect blend of fun and education for their attention spans.

4. Wilderness Explorers – According to Russell from the movie Up, “The wilderness must be explored!” In Animal Kingdom, kids can join Russell in doing just that. Stop by the Wilderness Explorers Outpost, located on the bridge where you can first see the Tree of Life when you enter. They’ll give kids a handbook for them to collect sticker badges all around the park as they learn about wildlife and conservation and do fun hands-on activities. This activity is really neat! We’ve all learned a lot from the cast members at each station. And with over thirty badges to collect, it’s pretty intense too! But don’t worry, you can keep your handbook and finish it on future Animal Kingdom trips if you want.

3. Jedi Academy – Calling all Padawans! Think you’ve got what it takes to defeat Darth Vader or Darth Maul? Then head over to Hollywood Studios and join the Jedi Academy. Kids ages 4-12 will be loaned a Jedi robe and light saber for use in a choreographed training exercise on the stage next to Star Tours. If your child wants to be a part of the fun, you MUST get there at park opening and go straight to the ABS Sound Studio for sign ups. It’s extremely popular and most slots for the entire day are filled within an hour or less. Also, it may be a good idea for some of the smallest Jedi hopefuls to watch a show before their own time slot. (We’ve seen several younglings get so intimidated by Darth Vader’s presence that they run off the stage.) After completion of the training, kids will receive a special pin and certificate to commemorate their experience.

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2. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom – As you enter the Magic Kingdom, there is a small building to the left called the Firehouse. The cast members inside will give everyone in your party five random Sorcerer cards to use at video portals all around the park and teach you how to use them at the practice portals. This is a game for all ages, and gets harder (requiring more strategy) the more you play. Every time you go to Magic Kingdom you can get a new set of cards to add to your set, and your game is saved on your Magic Band for two years, so you can pick up where you left off on future vacations. This game is super fun, but also highly involved. For a better explanation, see our Sorcerers article.

1. A Pirate’s Adventure – Similar to Agent P, this is a scavenger hunt that triggers physical surprises all around Adventureland. Stop by The Crow’s Nest (near Pirates of the Caribbean) to begin your quest. The cast members there will give you maps to locate five different treasures, as well as a magic talisman in order to read them. This is an awesome activity, especially for young pirate fans, and it doesn’t take as much time to complete as some of the other activities. Are ye brave enough to face fearsome pirates, matey?

Have you tried any of these interactive activities? We love them all! These games have helped us explore areas of the parks that are off-the-beaten-path, making us love Disney even more. Try one, or try them all – you won’t be disappointed!

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