7 Beauty Looks To Unleash Your Inner Disney Princess

Cinderella Makeup

7.  Cinderella

Ah, Cinderella. The belle of the ball. She's soft, sweet, graceful, demure, and knows a¬†thing or two about washing floors‚ÄĒand she's also one of the first¬†princesses who comes to mind when we hear the phrase "making an¬†entrance". Cinderella's day-to-day beauty is fairly similar to Aurora's, albeit¬†with bare lids, slightly heavier mascara, and a softer lip color (think bare¬†lips as opposed to a tinted lip balm). However, it's this princess's midnight¬†showing that really makes her stand out in the royal court: with bright pink¬†lips, a glamorously coiffed¬†updo, and a subversive choker, Cinderella made¬†a romantic impression on the prince and a stylish impression on us. Imitate¬†her simple, yet dramatic look with a very pale pink eyeshadow in the crease¬†of your eyelid (if you have hooded eyes, place the eyeshadow a little higher¬†up above your crease), thick mascara on your upper lashes (focusing on the¬†center ones), and a perfect pink lipstick. Brush some shimmery eyeshadow¬†or highlighter on your Cupid's bow to emphasize the lip's shape, add some¬†concealer or powder where needed on the skin, and you're ready for the¬†ball (or whatever else might come your way)! And if you're really feeling in tune with this¬†princess, grab the choker and put your hair in a sophisticated bun. The¬†more "Cinderelly", the better!¬†¬†


Don't be upset if no one notices that you're wearing a choker like¬†Cinderella or sporting shimmery eyeshadow like Aurora. The precise¬†application of these products doesn't matter; after all, there's no one¬†grading you on them, and these looks are simply meant to be makeup styles¬†that reflect who the princesses¬†are! What truly matters is how princess-y¬†you¬†feel when you wear them. When you¬†put on your makeup in the effort to look like a Disney princess, you're¬†aiming to embody everything about that girl: her outlook, her aesthetics,¬†her personality, and all of the positive Disney princess traits that come with¬†that. Aim to look and act like a Disney heroine, and you'll already be on¬†your way to a better day‚ÄĒwith musical numbers and mascara on the side!¬† Photo credit¬†Kandee Johnson on YouTube

By Sharon

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