7 Foods We're Nuts For At Disney's Toy Story Land In Hollywood Studios

Lunch Box Tarts _ toy story land
Toy Story Land is more rootin’ tootin’ fun than anyone ever imagined, with its attractions Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers having gone down a blast. And then there are the characters – including the Green Army Patrol - not to mention all the awesome new merchandise.
With any themed land there also comes a themed eatery. Woody’s Lunch Box offers a “roundup” of grub that will have your taste buds “reaching for the sky”, and will leave your belly “eternally grateful”! So here are the top seven foods that you’ll want to demolish like Sid would a toy!

7. Lunch Box Tarts

Skipping straight to dessert is never a bad thing. At Woody’s Lunch Box you’ll discover the Raspberry Lunch Box Tart and the Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart. While different in flavor, they’ll both give your taste buds a real “buzz” and are available all day long at the restaurant.
One of these yummy pastries oozes with raspberry marmalade and is coated in a strawberry fondant and crispy pearls, while the other is filled with chocolate-hazelnut and coated in maple fondant and candied bacon. And at just $3.29 each, you’ll hardly need to crack open poor Hamm!
  Disney Beverages _ Toy Story Land

6. Refreshing Beverages

After getting your head in a spin on Alien Swirling Saucers you’ll deserve a refreshing beverage. Well Woody’s Lunch Box has you covered, as it serves drinks from all corners of the galaxy all day long. While of course they aren’t “food”, the Ice Cream Float with Barq’s Root Beer technically is.
Other specialty beverages include Mystic Portal Punch – which you can purchase with a Souvenir Alien Sipper at an extra cost. There’s also a wonderful selection of coffees as well as some alcoholic beverages, from Grown-Up’s Lemonade (genius) to flavored Buzz Light_ sorry, Bud Light Lager.

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