7 Things Disney Insiders Always Take Into the Parks

Most people prepare quite a bit when going to Disney World by looking at different sites that offers hints and tricks to surviving a day at the parks. Many of those people end up not taking that advice and regret it later on when it matters most. Here is a list of things that Disney insiders know to always take into the parks, so if you are one of those people who will read the advice but not take it, here is your chance to listen to it now!

7. Snacks

This might seem like something that everyone should know to do, not just Disney Insiders, however there are so many people who still won’t bring in snacks either because they think their breakfast will hold them over until their lunch reservation or they have their eye on a Mickey ice cream bar. Those that are Disney Insiders know to always bring snacks whether it is chips, breakfast bars, or fruit snacks to munch on in between rides that way your energy level stays up and you don’t get cranky in that Florida heat.

6. Water bottles

Speaking of heat, this is something else that it seems like many people would know to do, but there are still plenty of people that don’t realize you can bring your own water bottles. You can always get free cups of ice water at any quick service counter, however, carrying your own water bottle ensures that you always have water available to you when it is available to you. With as hot as it gets in Florida, this is crucial.

5. Sunscreen

Speaking of it being hot, it is also very sunny and even when the sun is hiding behind cloud cover, its rays are still extremely strong. Many people think they can lather up in sunscreen at their hotel and then spend the day in the parks but they are wrong! Sunscreen wears off after a while and you will need to reapply several times. Avoid having to purchase this in the parks and bring it with you.

4. Ponchos

With the sun, there is also rain! You can expect short rain showers or thunderstorms just about every day in Disney. Do yourself a favor and bring a poncho with you. Rather than ducking for cover in a store, you can still stroll your merry way along and not waste time inside waiting for the rain to let up.

3. Cooling Towels

As we all know, it gets very hot and humid in Florida and can sometimes be very hard to cool down. One way to always keep yourself refreshed is to bring a cooling towel with you in the parks. All you have to do is wet the towel and keep it around your neck. If it starts to wear off, just head to the bathroom and wet it again! Disney insiders know how invaluable something like this is, so do yourself a favor and bring one with you on your next trip to the parks!

2. Medications

Anyone who has asthma or diabetes knows to always carry their medication along, but do you also think to bring any Advil or Tylenol? The sun is hot and headaches are a common occurrence, as are back aches and sore feet. Disney insiders know to carry some sort of pain relief with them to ease their pain throughout the day.

1. External charger

One thing Disney Insiders know is that their batteries are going to drain. With keeping the My Disney Experience app up to date, you must stay connected to Wi-Fi while you are in the parks, and with the constant checking and updating, your battery will drain pretty quickly. The easiest thing for you to do is to bring some sort of external charger so you can charge your phone during meal times or long attractions and you never have to worry about having a useless phone in the middle of your day.

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