Things We Hate About The Day We Are Leaving Disney World

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Disney Castle

As anticipation builds for our next Disney trip, we know in the back of our mind that eventually, our trip will come to an end. However, the excitement we feel drowns out those negative thoughts. Still they lurk, like a Monday after the weekend, waiting for that inevitable moment all Disney fans hate…departure day! Here are 7 things I hate about leaving Disney World.

1. Seeing Others Arriving

Arguably the most brutal part of ending your Disney vacation is seeing other families who are just arriving– with their entire vacation in front of them. The excitement on their faces and remembering “that was me, just a week ago”. We should be happy for them, but all we are is jealous!

2. Not Knowing When We’ll Be Back

The best way to end your trip is to already have your next trip booked or in the planning stages. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Not knowing when you will return makes departure day that much more difficult.

3. Packing Bags

Arrival day at a Disney resort is always exciting as we unpack our bags. It feels like we’re “moving in”. Re-packing, however, never works as well! All of those precious Disney Souvenirs need to fit as well. It’s bittersweet to wrap up mugs, t-shirts, and Mickey Ears for the long trip home.

4. Leaving Beautifully-themed Disney Resorts

A big regret when departing is wishing we had spent more time enjoying the Disney Resort. “I only got to swim once…” “I was going to take a picture of that…” “I never got to try that cupcake from the food court…” There is something magical about each Resort. It sets the tone for the entire trip and leaving is so hard!

5. Seeing The Park

If you stay at a Magic Kingdom Resort, the park is visible as you are leaving. Thinking of all those lucky people having fun. Remembering your favorite snacks, people-watching locations, thrilling rides, and all the wonderful smells is brutal! The realization that long-anticipated trip to the Most Magical Place On Earth is over is a hard pill to swallow.

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6. Back To Reality

One of the reasons we love Disney is the customer service. Leaving Disney property is like a punch in the face! In the real world, outside of the Disney bubble, not everyone is nice and willing to help. Coming home to laundry, dishes, schedules is a tough reality. Hometown fireworks just don’t seem as magical as before your trip to Disney. That hot dog? Not as good as Casey’s. Even a sun burn at the beach doesn’t seem as well-deserved as the “farmer’s tan” collected while waiting in line at a Disney attraction!

7. Magical Express

It’s no so “magical” on the way back to the airport! Other families also fighting the let-down of a magical vacation over are sitting with you instead of the smiling faces of happy park-goers.


About Jimmie Jones

Jimmie is a retired school teacher from Texas, who has been going to Disney World for 25 years. He has experience in taking large groups to Disney, in addition to taking his own children and grandchildren. Jimmie and his wife Rhonda make annual trips to Disney World, Disneyland, and sail on the Disney Cruise Line.

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