7 Things You Will Love About Restaurant Marrakesh In Epcot

Restaurant Marrakesh

Restaurant Marrakesh is one of Epcot’s most hidden restaurant gems. Located in the back of the Morocco pavilion, it can be hard to spot if you don’t know it’s there. This restaurant has everything you want when immersed in one of Epcot’s international pavilions between the ambiance, and the entertainment and all of the glorious food options! Here are seven things you will love about Restaurant Marrakesh.

7. Location

Located at the very back end of the Epcot pavilion, Restaurant Marrakesh is typically very quiet and serene, leaving you an almost guaranteed entrance if you forgot to make advance dining reservations. The alleyways surrounding the restaurant are typically less travelled and offer great window displays of scarves, tea pots and other Moroccan trinkets. This location is great if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy pavilions and get carried away to a far off land.

6. The service

The staff at Restaurant Marrakesh are truly one of the best you can experience at Disney. The hosts are always very friendly and typically seat you right away. The servers are attentive to your needs and are always checking on if you need a refill on drinks or want to order anything else. The staff all help each other out with tables and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone not smiling or willing to help you with whatever you need. Their friendliness and speedy service are a welcome sight after spending the day in the heat and long lines at Epcot.

5. Special diet friendly

Just about every restaurant on Disney property can accommodate for special diets, but Restaurant Marrakesh brings it to a whole new level. The chefs take it very seriously when finding out someone has a food allergy or intolerance, and treats every case as if it is the most severe case. Whether you can’t have gluten, dairy, tree nuts, or soy – or even some other type of food, the chef will come out and speak to you very carefully and ask what you want off of the menu and do whatever it takes to accommodate you. If there is something off menu that you would like, they can make it special for you! The chef will personally deliver the food to your table and come back out while you are enjoying your meal to make sure you are satisfied. As a gal with many food intolerances, I find this restaurant to be one of the best on Disney property.

4. Décor

Restaurant Marrakesh is very large and striking right from when you first lay eyes on it and that appearance continues throughout the entire dining area. While the building outside looms large, inside the ceilings are very high and decorated with pillars and arches throughout. There is very detailed tile work on all of the surrounding walls stretching up through the ceiling and molding around the archways, and layered seating so that everyone has a view of the entertainment below. This restaurant is absolutely stunning and truly a work of art!

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3. Ambiance

The Morocco pavilion already transports you to straight to another country, but entering this restaurant really makes you forget where you are. Immediately upon entering, you feel a sense of calm and almost mysterious-like atmosphere. A large marble floor takes up the entire center of the restaurant with tables surrounding it. The high ceilings and archways help contribute to the serene feeling of being in Morocco. That, paired with the music and glorious smells of cooking spices drifting from the kitchen really make you feel like you are on a vacation within your vacation.

2. Entertainment

During your meal, you will be entertained not only by live musicians but a belly dancer as well. Need I say more?! The musicians will come out first and sing a song or two, and then from a door situated behind the singers, the belly dancer will come out and do a few routines as well. She is absolutely amazing and a great way to have fun during the meal! What is not to love about this restaurant? Not only does it give you great food and an authentic atmosphere, but it adds on even more culture to boot which makes it fun for the entire family!

1. Food

Many people have avoided trying out Restaurant Marrakesh due to how different the ethnic food is compared to traditional theme park food and let me tell you, these people are wrong! The food at Restaurant Marrakesh is to die for. They offer a wide array of options to choose from, from tagine to couscous with your choice of meat, to different platters, to the absolutely (should be) award winning kebobs. The food is not heavily spiced by any means, but is prepared in a way to cater to all taste buds while still delivering an authentic experience. Located at the back of the Epcot pavilion, Restaurant Marrakesh is one of Disney’s most sparkling gems just waiting to be found.

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