7 Ways To Make Sure You’re Ship Shape For Your Disney Trip


Going to Disney World can be quite a workout. Some estimate that you could walk up to 14 miles a day while in the parks. Folks, that’s more than a half marathon! But that’s not even all of the intense physicality that will be required. Follow this helpful workout plan to build your Disney fitness in all areas:

7. Shoulder Raises

Disney Application: If you plan on riding coasters like Expedition Everest or Space Mountain, you know that the only way to do it is with your arms up high above your head. Since Disney parks are home to at least six (or more depending on how you categorize) thrill rides, you are gonna need some serious shoulder endurance to keep those those hands in the air like you just don’t care.

Workout Plan: Start with hands at your sides and quickly raise towards the ceiling. Shrieking “whoo-hoo” is optional, but highly effective for more advanced Disney workout buffs.

6. Stair Climbers

Disney Application: Don’t get stranded while the rest of your party climbs up Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse! While trekking the explorers’ famed replica, you will need the stamina to bound up 116 stairs.

Workout Plan: Find some stairs. Climb up 10 flights. Do it again.

5. Lunges

Disney Application: Ever notice that lots of rides at Disney require you to step down for entry? Think about it: Test Track, it’s a small world, and Splash Mountain, to name a few. For your safety and enjoyment, better get those leg muscles in tip-top condition.

Workout Plan: Imagine a Jungle Cruise boat in front of you. In a slow and controlled motion, lunge forward and sink down as if entering the attraction. For a more difficult variation, reach forward towards imaginary grab bars.

4. Dancercize

Disney Application: Each day there are numerous dance parties around Walt Disney World including the Incredibles Dance Party and the Move It! Shake It! Dance Party (which is awesome). Needless to say, you’ll want to be ready to shake your groove thang with your favorite characters at a moment’s notice.

Workout Plan: Turn on upbeat Disney music (think Aladdin’s “Friend Like Me”). Position feet about shoulder’s width apart. Let the music move you.

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3. Treadmill

Disney Application: As I’ve mentioned, building walking endurance is a cornerstone of Disney fitness. You can easily practice walking in a park, neighborhood, or shopping mall. But you’ll also need to master the skill of entering and exiting a treadmill for rides like The Living Seas, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Workout Plan: Find a treadmill. Turn it on a slow speed. Stand to one side and step on the moving belt. Take a few steps, then step back onto the floor. For added authenticity, perform the exercise while holding a small child.

2. Shuffle and Shrink

Disney Application: At several shows and attractions, you’ll hear cast members very kindly ask guests to “fill in all available space”. After that announcement, guests will take small steps towards one another, clutch their belongings, and try to shrink to their smallest size. Don’t be caught unaware!

Workout Plan: Holding a pillow, take shuffling steps towards a wall. Squeeze pillow and bring elbows tightly in to your sides. Perform the exercise until you are the smallest and politest version of yourself.

1. Neck Rolls

Disney Application: The nightly fireworks displays at Walt Disney World are stunning and spectacular. The entire show will have you ooo-ing and aah-ing in wonder. But unless you prepare your neck muscles for necessary upward tilt, you may be ooo-ing and aah-ing in pain the next day.

Workout Plan: Tape picture of Cinderella’s Castle on your ceiling. Roll your head down, to the left, up towards the castle, then to the right. Reverse directions and repeat.

As you can see, a Disney trip will require you to be in prime physical condition. Start preparing for your vacation now with this rigorous training routine.

(FYI I’m a Disney Fanatic, not a personal trainer. Exercise at your own risk.) 😉

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