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8 Best Places to Relax Without Having to Leave the Walt Disney World Parks

Let’s face it – Disney World is always a jumble of activity, from running around to different rides, to meeting your favorite characters, to watching all the different parades and shows. Top that with the Florida heat and it’s enough to tire anyone out! It is always nice to head back to the hotel to take a quick nap or dip into the pool, but not everyone likes the hassle of leaving the magic of the parks to recharge. Here is a list for those of you are interested in a little R&R without having to leave the parks!

Magic Kingdom

8. Baby Care Center Alcove – This alcove is located between Crystal Palace and Casey’s Corner and has not only the Baby Care Center, but also first aid and a set of restrooms. This area is situated behind a beautiful small garden and has benches lining along the wall under the cover of an overhang. The music is played more quietly here and you have a perfect view of Cinderella’s Castle. It’s a great place to come after gorging yourself at the Crystal Palace to take a small break and digest. If you’re lucky you can even catch a glimpse of one of the parades or stage shows! It is out of the way enough to not be heavy on foot traffic, and with the quiet music in the background it is even easy to fall asleep and take a little catnap out of the bustle of Main Street.

7. Tom Sawyer’s Island – This island is one of my favorite spots in the Magic Kingdom for a little R&R. From taking the raft over to the island, to being able to explore this island on your own time, it allows you to be able to sit and explore without any restraints. It’s easy to lose track of time here! It is much quieter and more serene than the surrounding Frontier Land, Adventure Land and Liberty Square, while still giving you enough views to watch the action. Not in the mood to explore? No problem! Just sit in one of the many rocking chairs and catch a quick nap or just take in your surroundings while rocking your cares away.


6. Gardens in UK – Epcot is filled with relaxing locations, especially in the World Showcase. One of my favorite spots is the gardens in the UK pavilion. Located in the back of the pavilion behind the shops is a large garden area with enough room for a picnic lunch or even a good stretch on the grass to take a midday nap. There isn’t a lot of foot travel here, and typically only gets crowded when live music is playing. Go in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the most extreme heat and enjoy surrounding yourself in lush UK gardens!

5. Morocco Pavilion – Situated inside this pavilion are many features that make you feel like you landed in the heart of Morocco. It is one of the more peaceful pavilions with its many alleyways and that have an almost hush-like quality, with its displays that are similar to those you would find in a museum. One of the best places to recharge is inside their replica of a typical Moroccan house. There are a few benches located inside this replica against the wall and while it is not air conditioned, it is much cooler with the tile walls and darkened lighting. If you want to hide away from much of the bustle and activity that the pavilions bring, then this is a great place to hide away. Check out “Epcot World Showcase Tour Series, Part 4: Morocco 5 Reasons Why It’s the Most Unique Pavilion in Epcot.”

Hollywood Studios

4. Streets of America –When everyone else is racing between Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, make your way towards the Streets of America. This section of Hollywood Studios is one of the spots where you are guaranteed to find a quiet moment. There is typically much less foot traffic over here as most guests come to this area for here photo ops of the forced perspective streets of San Francisco and New York City. Grab a seat, soak up the sunshine, and enjoy a little quiet time on the Streets of America.

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3. Echo Lake – the area surrounding Echo Lake is also usually less crowded as people are making their way to various attractions. This makes it a great spot to enjoy the breeze rippling across the water of Echo Lake. The surrounded areas are noisy, as there are restaurants all along the outer walkways, however if you take a break by leaning against the fence surrounding the lake or sitting on a bench facing the water, it becomes easy to drown out the white noise and focus on recharging.

Animal Kingdom

2. Rafiki’s Planet Watch – While much of the lush surroundings of the Animal Kingdom make for a relaxing experience, one of the best places to hone your relaxation skills is at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Take the Wildlife Express Train and discover a whole other part of the Animal Kingdom that is usually missed. While you’re there, you can take the time to discover new trails that are never crowded or sit inside the Conservation Station to get out of the heat and enjoy a little quiet.

1. Oasis – The Oasis is the first area you walk through when getting to other parts of the Animal Kingdom, and it is often overlooked as everyone is eager to get to their rides! Here you can discover pathways surrounded by exotic gardens. It is always quiet along these paths and are the perfect spot to let your mind wander while discovering new animals and plant life.

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