Park Attractions That Would Convert Walt Disney World Haters

Kali River Rapids
Kali River Rapids, Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

When we hear that someone “hates” Disney, our jaws drop in disbelief.  Those haters haven’t tried these amazing Disney park attractions! Perhaps a Disney Hater just doesn’t really know Disney…not the way that we do. Here are 8 types of Disney Haters and 8 ways to introduce them to all that is wonderful about our favorite place in the world…


8. The Music Hater

Yes, Disney producers apparently live by the rule “why say it when you could sing it?” We Disney Fanatics sing tunes like “A Whole New World” and “Be Our Guest” in our sleep, so the sound track of Disney Parks is literally music to our ears. But a Music Hater gets a little angsty at the thought of hearing “chim-chiminy” and “it’s a small world” all day long. If you know a Music Hater, perhaps it’s best to steer them in the direction of a ride like Space Mountain where all they’ll hear is the sound of their own happy screams.

7. The Character Hater

Disney fans go to the parks hoping to see as many characters as possible. We plan our days around character greetings, in fact. But never fear. If there’s a Character Hater in your group (either an adult who lost his Peter Pan spirit or a child who’s just a little overwhelmed by the size of Tigger) it’s easy to avoid the characters. Some people assume that they’ll bump into characters all day long, but that’s simply not true. For the most part, characters are found only in their designated areas. Perhaps the best recommendations for a Character Hater is Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom. This flagship attraction focuses on the beauty of nature and the majesty of live animals…and it’s completely character free.

6. The Happiness Hater

Have you ever had someone say that they don’t like Disney because it’s just “too happy”? I do not even understand those words. Too happy? Is that even possible? Well, Disney is supposed to be the happiest place on earth, so it would definitely be a tall order to please a Happiness Hater in your midst. However, a ride like Hollywood Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios might just do the trick. Nothing like fear to chill the smile off someone’s face.

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5. The Crowd Hater

Lots of people love Disney. LOTS of people. So for someone who does not love LOTS of people, Disney World could definitely be overwhelming. To keep the Crowd Hater from getting cranky, take them to your favorite out-of-the-way spots in Epcot. Getting to World Showcase early usually allows for a rich cultural experience without a mass of humanity. The UK gardens and the Moroccan marketplace could be right up their alley.

4. The Roller Coaster Hater

Some folks automatically associate theme parks with thrill rides. Someone who experiences motion sickness could turn up their nose at Disney parks simply because they’re expecting a bunch of stomach-churning coasters. But as we Fanatics know, there’s so much more to Disney! Introduce your Roller Coaster Hater to a show at Hollywood Studios such as Indiana Jones or Beauty and the Beast and they’ll be converted in no time.

3. The High-Price Hater

We all know it’s not free to go to Disney World. But we also all know that it’s totally worth it! If you’ve got a High-Price Hater in your party, start with some frugal planning help from an authorized Disney travel planner. Then sign up for a Disney Visa Card where you can earn Dream Dollars towards your trip. Once you get get to Disney take your High-Price Hater to the exclusive cardholder character greeting in Hollywood Studio’s Launch Bay. The value of extra attractions is sure to convert your High-Price Hater.

2. The Heat Hater

Yeah, so Disney World is in Florida where it’s hot for most of the year. Unless you travel in January, you can pretty much count on being at least a little sweaty. If the heat brings out a hater in your party, mix in some water attractions. Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom is my personal favorite. A good soaking should help your Heat Hater keep their cool for a while. (Plus, there’s always ice cream and air conditioning.)

Mickey Bar
Mickey Ice Cream Bar

1. The General Disney Hater

It’s hard to imagine someone just generally hating Disney. Maybe the Disney Hater thinks it’s too childish. Maybe they think it’s too unrealistic. Maybe they’re a combination of all the other haters mentioned. I don’t know—a Disney hater doesn’t make sense to me. Yet those people somehow exist, and we Disney Fanatics can consider it our mission to change their minds. Luckily we’ve got something super powerful on our side…magic. Could anyone hate Disney when they see fireworks light up the sky? Could they scoff at the awe on children’s faces? Could they roll their eyes and pretend the display didn’t thrill their hearts at all? I don’t think so. Let the magic of the moment grip them and they’ll be forever converted to a true Disney fan.

Carry on, fellow Disney lovers. Let’s add some more so-called haters to our merry band today, shall we?

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