8 Reasons You’ll Love Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

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A vacation to Central Florida doesn’t normally evoke visions of white sand beaches and waves. You might think of Castles, Pixie Dust and of course Mickey Mouse, but a day at the beach? — No way. Well what if I said you could in fact have a “day at the beach” during your Walt Disney World vacation? Curious?? Introducing Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and 8 Reasons you must include this stop on your trip.

8. Let’s Go Ride A Raft

One of the best things about a day at Typhoon Lagoon is being able to experience attractions together as a family. Traditional water rides generally allow no more than 2 riders per raft, but Disney has taken great strides at including rides for the whole family. The rafts at Gang Plank falls are engineered to accommodate up to four people (or 2 adults and 3 small children) to experience the attraction together. Grab your crew and hop aboard to brave the rapids as you swish through rocky caverns and beneath drenching waterfalls. With so many thrills to be had, this is one group ride you don’t want to miss.

7. Surfs Up!

Experienced riders can spend some time on the water riding perfect waves without the crowds. The Hang 10 Private Session is packed with up to 100 waves, broken into sets of 25. With plenty of world-class surf you’ll be sure to have a perfect ride over and over again. There’s a limit of just 25 surfers per session, so make be sure to reserve your wave time before your arrival. All requests must be booked at

6. Water-coaster

Typhoon Lagoon is home to Crush ‘N” Gusher, Disney’s signature roller-coaster-like raft ride. Explore an abandoned fruit-processing plant as you and a buddy take on wet hairpin turns and defy gravity on uphill climbs. Pick your choice from 3 “fruit chutes” and hold on tight to catch some air as you thrill to sudden dips before skimming onto Hideaway Bay.

5. Learn to Surf

If you aren’t quite ready to join the big leagues of the Hang 10 Session, you can still get your chance on a surf board at the “Learn to Surf Like a Pro” course. On select days prior to park opening, guests ages 8 and older can learn the basics of the sport on land before trying their new skill on the water. There is a strict limit of 12 students so don’t delay, or you might miss the wave.

4. Dedicated Kids Area

Little ones love to play. They REALLY love to play in water. Ketchakiddee Creek is a water wonderland for the 4 foot and shorter. Scaled-down slides and interactive shallow areas serve up big-kid fun for hours of wet play. Kid-friendly tunes and a small, sandy beach make this zone a favorite with little ones and parents alike. Fun sculptures like squirting elephants and snapping crocodiles make this water-oasis perfect for little ones looking to make a big splash!

3. Wipe Out

The surf/wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon is the largest in North America and the parks signature attraction. The thunderous “sonic boom” warns of the arrival of 6-foot swells! Stand in amazement as gentle waves transform into big kahunas washing you ashore by “Mother Nature” style forces. Gentle shallow waters and sandy white beaches offer a reprieve from the excitement. Grab a lounge chair and have a coconut drink as you watch others catch a gnarly waves. While inner tubes are not allowed in the wave pool, life jackets are strongly suggested for children and those who are not strong swimmers.

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2. Oh Look, Sharks!

Big kids, teens and adults can experience snorkeling at Sharks Reef. Suit up with your snorkel, mask and life jacket as you jump in to glide your way across the lagoon. During your swim, gaze downward to view colorful tropical fish, stingrays and sharks! Consider yourself warned, the fish like the water cold, it’s only 68-degrees. You don’t have to bring your own gear, all equipment to experience the attraction is provided with park admission. For those looking to spend more time in the water, ask about the Supplied-Air Snorkeling system which is offered at an addition cost. If you prefer to experience this attraction without braving the chilly water you can do that too. An overturned sunken tanker with viewing portholes gives guest the opportunity to view life under the sea without getting freezing wet.

1. Just Chill Out

The best way to recover from a day of water rides and swimming with sharks is to spend your time lounging on the beach. It’s not often you’ll find a water park with a true “white sand” beach, but the banks of the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon are the perfect tropical escape after a day of zipping wet fun. Spread out your towel and soak in the sun as you put the finishing touches on your Florida kissed tan. Snag yourself a low seated beach chair and hang out in the shallows, its the perfect way to enjoy the water with no effort. You can even sip a beverage of your choice and have lunch in the beach pavilions. So take your time, take it easy… and chill out. When you spend a day at Typhoon Lagoon, life truly is a day at the beach. Cowabunga Dude!

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