8 Things You Should Take Into Disney Parks

8 Things You Must Take Into Disney Parks

When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, there are certain things that you must bring. These things are essential to ensuring your Disney vacation goes off without a hitch. Here are my 8 things you must take to a Disney park.

8. Some sunscreen

Florida’s nickname is the Sunshine State for a reason, it is very sunny. When planning a trip to Walt Disney World one thing that you must bring is some sunscreen. No one wants to get a sunburn while on vacation especially at WDW. Choose one that is preferably sweat proof due to the fact that Florida is also especially humid.

7. A camera

Walt Disney World has some of the greatest photo opportunities of any where in the world. No matter if it is your first or 15th trip, you will always find something that you haven’t seen before that you will want to get a picture of. Whether it is a point and shoot small style, a fancy interchangeable lens type, or just your handy dandy smartphone camera, whichever one you have with you at the perfect time is always the best one. I can remember our family trips in the early 90’s and my mom having to change out the film in her camera every 24 pictures. I can only imagine how many she would have taken back then if she had the technology available that is today. I always range around a couple of thousand! It’s so much fun looking at the pictures after the trip and remembering all the good times we had.

6. Comfortable shoes

We all know someone who has been to Walt Disney World and one thing that is commonly told is that it is very BIG and you will do a lot of walking. Therefore it is very important that you have a comfortable pair of walking shoes to lessen any pain that might set in due to the amount of walking you will encounter. Some people prefer a sportier type of running/walking shoe while others may enjoy more of a flip flop or sandal. The type of shoe may also be determined by the time of year that you take your vacation. Orlando can have hot, humid summers and occasionally cold winter evenings. The deciding factor should be a shoe that will give you the best opportunity to not think about your feet at anytime on your vacation. I also recommend taking breaks throughout your day to give your feeties a little rest.

5. Extra spending money

One thing I really enjoy about each Disney vacation is stopping by the gift shops to see the new souvenirs that are available. Everything from newly designed t-shirts, coffee mugs and of course all the amazing pins, Disney gift shops have so many different types of collectibles and clothing items that it can be a bit overwhelming. Its very hard to decide which ones you want more. I’ve run into this problem before and one thing that I did to help was to prioritize the things I wanted most and take pictures of the ones that I could wait on for the next trip, if they were still available. I also budgeted some extra spending money in my vacation plan for souvenir’s for myself and any family members who weren’t able to go. It really helps to have an idea of how much you want to spend before you go and it helps prevent the shock at the register when the total amount you owe appears on the screen!

4. Sunglasses and/or hat or both

Sunglasses are a must at Walt Disney World. The sun can be blocked from above by wearing a hat but the reflection off the ground and different objects around the parks can be very painful on the eyes if your not wearing any sunglasses. I remember on one of my family trips I had forgotten to bring sunglasses and I tried to tough it out. By the late afternoon my cheeks were in such agony from squinting so hard. I broke down and purchased some sunglasses from one of the gift shops. After that trip I never forgot to bring sunglasses ever again.

3. A hearty appetite

It is a widely know fact that while in Walt Disney World calories don’t count. Heh heh!! Because of this ,when on a WDW vacation it is encouraged to partake in as much of the delicious food and drink being served as possible. Having a hearty appetite will help. There are so many wonderful places to eat and drink throughout the resort. From counter service, to snack carts, to full service restaurants, WDW has some of the best eating establishments in the world. Also, each year around late September through early November Epcot holds its annual Food and Wine festival. This is a must do for anyone who appreciates the experience of trying new foods and drinks with culinary styles from around the world. The food is served in small portions so you can enjoy more than one serving from several different booths that are set up around World Showcase.

2. Communication device

There are times while on a Walt Disney World vacation that you and whomever you’re there with might want to split up. It could be while shopping in one of the gift shops or someone might want to go back to the resort to take a nap. Whatever it might be it is a must to have some sort of communication with you. Most of us today have a cell phone however on really crowded days a signal can sometimes become hard to get. Another option is a 2 way radio or walkie talkie. This can be a quicker way of keeping in touch while in a somewhat close range of one another. Having a cell phone on you at all times is definitely a must especially with the technology that WDW has in place now.

1. Patience

There are few things that can cause stress while on a Disney vacation, however it is human nature to get a little anxious in certain situations. Inclement weather, large crowds, closed attractions, all of these things can create a stressed state of mind while at Walt Disney World. One thing that I recommend is to really try to have patience. It’s not an easy thing to do sometimes but when you really take a step back and appreciate the fact that you are able to take this vacation and be at such a magical place with so many other people who are all there to have a good time just like you. It helps to keep things in perspective. Another thing to try and do is to put on a happy face and know that the weather will get better, the attraction will open again soon and be better than ever even if it is on the next trip, and the crowds are just other people there to do the same thing you’re doing, making memories and experiencing the most Magical place on Earth with there loved ones!

Your trip to Walt Disney World can be the experience of a lifetime but if you go unprepared it can lead to some real challenges. Be sure that you plan ahead and utilize all the technology available to you to ensure that your trip goes off without a hitch! Enjoy!!!

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