8 Things You Should Never Do On Disney's Monorail

Epcot Monorail

1. Smoke, Eat or Drink

In order to keep the monorail in tip top shape, it’s important not to eat, drink, or smoke.  Many guests have health issues and smoke can be a bother.  The good news is that there are various stops along the monorails path, so if you really feel the need to light up, you’re only a few minutes away from doing so no matter where you are on the monorail.  There are no trash cans on the actual monorail either, so trash is (unfortunately) often left on the seats or floor.  Depending on what you are eating, crumbs can make a mess and drinks can spill easily due to the shakes and stops if bottles or cups aren’t secured with a lid.  Overall, smoking, eating, and drinking can make the monorail a messy place which will ultimately make it less enjoyable for other guests.

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