8 Things You Should Never Do On Disney's Monorail


4. Change Diapers or Breast Feed

Babies require a lot of care and while there is an emergency of some kind bound to happen, changing a diaper on the monorail isn’t the best idea.  For starters, (as previously mentioned) there is a chance there will be lots of guests aboard making it difficult to maneuver.  The monorail also isn’t the most sanitary place to change a diaper, and not to mention, the exposure of feces isn’t delightful for anyone, especially if it isn’t cleaned up properly and ends up in places other than the diaper.  While I personally don’t have a problem with a woman breast feeding, it’s important to remember that the monorail has sudden stops at times and can be uncomfortable for a nursing mother.  The good news is that if you really need to feed, there is a nice little room in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot specifically for mothers who want/need to breastfeed.  There are a few stops at various hotels along the monorail route too, so you can feed there if you wish as well.

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