9 Disney World Special Events for Your Bucket List

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Walt Disney World is the most popular vacation destination in all the world. There are many reasons for this including the wonderful attractions, the relaxing resorts and spas, the delectable dining options and the amazing events that are very unique to WDW. They’re so unique and exclusive to WDW that some of them should be on every Disney fanatics bucket list. Here are my top 9 events that should be on your Disney bucket list.

9. Disney Marathon

The atmosphere around a marathon is electric no matter where it’s taking place. The Walt Disney World Marathon takes the excitement of the big race and sprinkles pixie dust on it. Even if you’re not a runner just to be there is infectious and can lead to an eventual love of running. It really is an event like no other and gets bigger and bigger each and every year.

8. Star Wars Weekend

Whether you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan or you’ve never seen any of the movies, Star Wars Weekend’s at Hollywood Studios should definitely be on your bucket list at WDW. If you don’t quite understand what’s going on with the multitude of costumed guests and cast members there are more than enough super fans that will gladly help educate you. You’ll learn all the ways of the Jedi and Sith and who the little fuzzy guys are; you might even get a glimpse of a dancing creature that looks like Bigfoot. Not only does Star War’s weekend make for some very fun times, but it’s the perfect setting for some very interesting people watching as well. Check out “5 Things You Need To Know About Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios.”

7. Mickeys not so scary Halloween party

Every year in October WDW transforms into a Halloween lovers dream of ghastly and ghoulish sites…all PG of course. Halloween time in Disney World is so festive and spooktacular that it should not be missed . Disney goes all out with creating a fun filled not so scary celebration of all things Halloween. Mickeys not so scary Halloween party should definitely be on your bucket list of Disney events.

6. Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Epcots’ Flower and Garden Festival is an event that should be on any Disney fans bucket list.  It is one of the best arrangements of flowers and plants in a various array of shapes and sizes, in the forms of your favorite Disney characters. Disney displays their eye for intricate details with the coloring and design of each character. It’s the perfect way to kick off Spring Disney style!

5. Epcot International Food and Wine Festival

Does anyone really need a reason to have exquisite top of the line food made by world renown chefs and an impeccable selection of wine from around the world all at the Most Magical Place on Earth? Didn’t think so. Go ahead and add Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival to your Disney event bucket list. Thank you. Check out “Food and Wine Festival 101: 5 Things You Need to Know!”

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4. Keys to the Kingdom Tour

This is not so much an event but I still included it on my Disney bucket list. It’s an amazing tour that takes you to places in the Magic Kingdom that you would not normally be able to see unless you were a cast member. It also provides some very informative and fun facts all throughout the Magic Kingdom. You get private rides on several classic attractions and even a keepsake at the end of the 5 hour tour. This is a fantastic way to see the Magic Kingdom like you’ve never seen it before. Check out “Keys to The Kingdom Tour Review – 10 Reasons You’ll Love This Behind The Scenes Tour.”

3. Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party

This is a Christmas party like no other. You can hang out with all your favorite characters decked out in the most festive holiday gear, have some hot coco, and watch Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas Parade. This is one of the only times that you can experience snow in Florida. This party begins in early November and runs through late December. Refer to the official Disney website for times and prices. Check out “The 6 Best Things About Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.”

2. New Years Eve at the Magic Kingdom

New Year’s Eve in Walt Disney World and especially at the Magic Kingdom is one big Disney party all day long. The crowds can be somewhat overwhelming but if you know that its going to be busy beyond belief then you will be more prepared. What makes it fun is that everyone there has the same intention as you, to have the most magical time and bring in the new year unlike any other and make memories to last a lifetime.

1. Osborne Family Christmas Lights Closed as of the 2015 holidays.

Christmas at Walt Disney World is an event not to be missed by any Disney fan. I’m particularly partial to the Osborne Family Christmas Lights having lived a block away from the original location in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a sad day when the city of Little Rock deemed the lights a nuisance and had them shut down. Disney swooped in, rescued this amazing light show and transported it to Hollywood Studios. To this day it is always so great to walk down the Studios backlot with all those dancing lights and think back to when we used to have to drive by and see them. Disney has definitely taken the Osborne Family Christmas Lights to a whole different level of excitement adding even more lights as well as the synchronization to classic Christmas music. It encompasses the spirit of Christmas and Disney all in one place and always leaves me with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

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