9 Things We Love About Disney’s Monorail

Walt Disney World’s Monorail system is one of the most ridden monorail systems in all the world. With a track of almost 15 miles it can be a great way to get around Walt Disney World as well as a wonderful not to be missed attraction at the resort. Here are my top 9 reasons why we love Disney’s Monorail.

9. Best mode of transportation to get around the World

Walt Disney World has so many different and unique ways of getting around while on your vacation. My favorite is definitely the Monorail. It is such a great way to get to designated places throughout WDW.

8. You can get some of the most gorgeous views

One of the best ways to see some amazing visuals of Walt Disney World is riding the Monorail. There are so many different viewpoints along the trip. The Epcot loop is awesome and especially beautiful at night. It’s a great way to see the World from on top of your “Highway in the Sky”!

7. Getting that perfect picture

If you ever are online and search for WDW Monorail pictures you will find some really beautiful and original shots that many people have taken over the years. I love finding that perfect spot near the track and waiting for the Monorail to approach then timing it out to get that superb shot that you can brag to your family and friends about.

6. Amazing audio

One thing I love about riding the Monorail is the audio being played while onboard. It always sounds so warm, friendly and inviting as well as informative. And remember as soon as you step on board to “Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas!”

5. All the different colors

The colors of each Monorail at Walt Disney World give it a particular personality. It’s always fun to try and guess which color will pull up to take you on your journey to your next destination. My 2 personal favorites are Monorail Green and Monorail Black.

4. Amazing promos

The Walt Disney Company does an amazing job at advertising. This holds true at Walt Disney World with the Monorail system. Several movies released in the past few years have been placed on certain Monorails. It really gets you pumped up about the release of the movie to see it draped over the upcoming Monorail.

3. Going through the Contemporary Resort

One thing I always enjoy when I ride the Monorail is the trip through the Contemporary. This was always so amazing to me as a kid and even as an adult It still fascinates me. I love looking down and seeing all the guests shopping and dining as we ride overhead.

2. Very relaxing attraction

Riding Walt Disney World’s Monorail is often a great way to get off your feet for a bit and relax between hotels and parks. If your riding after a long day at the Magic Kingdom or Epcot you might just catch yourself dozing off while on your journey.

1. Its a Walt Disney original

Walt Disney once had envisioned the Monorail system being the transportation system of the future. This never came to fruition due to the the popularity of the automobile at the time. Today there are only 3 operating monorail systems in the United States that are not in Disney parks. This only makes it more special to travel to Disney parks and especially Walt Disney World to ride an attraction as well as a form of transportation that was inspired directly by Walt Disney himself!

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