9 Ways Your Disney Obsession May Manifest in the Real World

Just the fact that you are reading this post means you are probably guilty of at least 2 or 3 of things on this list, and that is nothing to be ashamed of, by the way. We Disney Fanatics understand the struggle of making sure we all have a little Disney magic in our everyday lives for when we can’t be at the park. Here are a few ways you could be living with your Disney obsession in the real world.

9. Mikey waffles anyone? – You may have your own Mickey waffle to satisfy those cravings at home. In fact, you could even have the Olaf one as well. Let’s face it, there is actually a number of small kitchen appliances you could have to make yourself everything you need to have a Disney day at home. Toasters that imprint your favorite character, cake and cupcake pans to bake a special Mickey treat and even Disney ice cube trays to keep your drinks cool.

8. Pet stuff – Disney has recently launched a line of very cute pet items to make sure your favorite pooch doesn’t feel left out. You may have a dog and cat collar, pet bowls, placemats and the very creative Mickey waffle and turkey leg chew toys. They even have leashes and outfits to make your pet the envy of all your Disney friends.

7. Pajamas and other things – In case you can’t sleep in the most magical place on Earth, at least you could be sleeping in the most magical pj’s. Most major retailers have many options of pajamas, robes, socks and even the unmentionables in all sorts of fun, and even grown-up, Disney designs.

6. Cellphone couture – Admit it, next to your love of family, is the love of your cellphone and Disney, of course. Those of you who struggle with D.O.D (Disney Obsession Disorder) probably already have a Disney cellphone case. You may even have a Disney ringtone and some magic on your cell phone wallpaper, or at least a picture from WDW as you screen background. The phone is practically attached to you anyway, why not Disney-fy it?

5. License to drive – More and more around town and on the web, there is Disney license plates popping up. Are you driving around in your own personalized Disney car? In most states, as long as no one else has it, you can create your Disney saying on your plates.

4. Dressing Disney – As most Disney vacationers do, you dress your kids up in Disney shirts and dresses for vacation. But it doesn’t stop there for us truly obsessed. We dress our kids in Disney whenever we can. A trip to the pool, grocery store, even the mailbox. It doesn’t matter as long as you can see that little glimpse of Disney. Plus with shops on ETSY and EBAY, if you can’t find it in the stores, you can get Disney attire for any occasion on the internet.

3. Workplace décor – You may be Disney obsessed if you have been able to work some Disney into your work place. Since we can’t all quit our day jobs and become CM’s, sometimes you have to make sure you have a little Disney magic in your office for that 8 to 5.

2. Playlist and Pandora – If you opened up your playlist on your phone and one of them is titled Disney, or has the word Disney in it, chances are you may be a little Disney obsessed. Being able to play any tune from any of your favorite movies or attractions can bring a smile to any Disney Fanatic. They even have music for the holidays and Pandora stations for music played throughout the parks.

1. Hidden Mickeys…everywhere – In an effort to pass the time in traffic or in a boring meeting, you begin to look for hidden Mickeys. Admit it, we all do it. It’s a small way to really pass the time until you get to visit your “real home”, Disney.

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A certified "Disney Addict", Brandi is a mother of 2 boys (9 and 13) and the wife to a Disney lover as well. She is an elementary teacher who loves to share her passion with her students. Her hobbies include planning her next Disney trip, training and running in Run Disney events and cheering on her boys in sports.